Saturday 5 March 2011

Amazing Dogs

For once (possibly the first time ever on my blog!), I'm not having a rant, if you can believe it!

I've recently read some things about Dogs, and I have been truly amazed.

The first thing I saw was about a Dog that chewed off its owners toe whilst he slept after drinking and how it actually saved his life.

Apparently, the person had an infected toe and his Jack Russell bit off a large chunk of his toe. After he woke up to his toe having been chewed off, he went to hospital to find out he had dangerously high blood sugar levels and was a Type 2 diabetic and that his toe would have had to have been amputated anyway - so the Dog (Kiko) effectively saved his life.

The next amazing thing I've read, is that apparently, Dogs can sniff out patients who have bowel cancer just by sniffing their faeces. Everyone thinks Dogs sniffing each others poo is revolting, but I doubt anyone having bowel cancer sniffed out by a Dog wouldn't find it repulsive anymore.

On top of that, there's the more obvious things like how intelligent Dogs are when they help the blind lead a more normal life.

It seems many people take Dogs for granted, as they are so much more than just a pet. They are truly amazing!

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  1. Dogs are amazing, I love my 2 woofers, they are very smart and sense lots of things.

  2. they are smelly too though. lol!

  3. I love dogs, infact I love all animals, I'm known as Dr Dolittle by my friends. Dogs are amazing, but most of all they are incredibly loyal and loving!