Tuesday 29 November 2011

The My Random Blurb Advent Calendar

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REVIEW: Zoflora

Zoflora Concentrated Disinfectant

Zoflora Concentrated Disinfectant comes in small containers of 120ml or 250ml. It won't add much weight to your shopping and it won't fill up much of a shopping bag. The box has a scratch 'n' sniff panel to allow you to experience the aroma to help you decide from the many varieties available.

The disinfectant has 3 main features:

  • It eliminates 99.9% bacteria. Including e.coli, MRSA , salmonella, listeria, influenza (H1N1), human herpes virus & RSV.
  • Odours are eliminated. Household smells such as drains, bins and pet area smells are a thing of the past.
  • All day freshness.

I went on a mad disinfecting spree throughout the house these last couple of days. I found Zoflora easy and pleasant to use. The rooms I've used it in have ended up with a long lasting, fresh smell. The smell is not overpowering like some products. Also many disinfectants smell very clinical and not all that plesant, but I found Zoflora's scent to be quite nice, like an air freshener.

It was a bit of nuisance measuring out the exact amount to mix one lid's worth of disinfectant with. Although for a second and subsequent times I found it easy enough to just remember how far up the bowl the water was the first time and just fill it up by eye. The smell of the disinfectant in the bottle is quite strong but is fine after being
diluted. It mixed into the water with no problems. It is such a small amount in the water that it doesn't thicken up or anything like that, which makes it easy to wipe with. It mentions on the packaging that it is harmful in contact with skin so I popped on a pair of rubber gloves. I did manage to spill some on my arm at some point but I washed it off
and I never noticed any ill-effects. It dries as quick as it would if it was just water and then the area you've cleaned is ready for use again. I was a little surprised that it doesn't have a child-proof lid.

Zoflora concentrated disinfectant can be used for general disinfection of surfaces by diluting 1 part disinfectant to 40 parts water - it's small but goes a long way! The 120ml bottles make almost 5 litres, and the 250ml bottles make 10 litres. At this strength it is suitable for floors, tiles, worktops, sinks, toilets, hard surface pet areas, potties, dishcloths, drains, taps, baths and more.

You can also use it as spray to create a fragrant freshness throughout the house.

You can find a flavour of Zoflora Concentrated Disinfectant to suit your taste:

  • Limited Edition Apple Orchard: An uplifting fragrance combining the freshness of cut grass and spring.
  • Bouquet: Traditional and popular the rich floral scent of bouquet with its warm wood and musk notes creates a heady fragrance. A mixture of floral with a hint at the orient.
  • Cherry Blossom: A contemporary addition to the Zoflora range, a fruity-floral combination of delicate flowers layered with sweet, cherry notes
  • Citrus Fresh: Family favourite, clean & fresh with an orange warmth & lemon sharpness. It's a cleansing, refreshing and uplifting fragrance which blends citrus fruits including orange, lemon and lime to create a modern fresh scent.
  • Flowershop: Sweet, light and feminine with hints of green leaves and freshly cut stems. An easy going aroma for relaxation.
  • Hyacinth: A rich, sweet floral capturing the scent of the flower, creating a positive and uplifting atmosphere.
  • Lavender: Lavender is a fresh uplifting herbal combination enriched with essential oils of orange, lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary. Full flowery and herbaceous.
  • Lilac: With subtle hints of Jasmine and Rose, Lilac is a light floral fragrance that creates a beautiful background scent.
  • Linen Fresh: A crisp, refreshing blend that captures the outdoor freshness of light breezes over clean linen, and brings it into your home.
  • Rose: Rose captures the richness of the flower and is a soft warm floral fragrance. The full floral blend is comforting and enchanting.
  • Springtime: The sparkling blend of cut grass, green leaves and soft herbal flowers is similar to a light breeze that refreshes the home, leaving a clean uplifting aroma.
  • Sweetpea: Sweetpea is a fresh delicate bouquet, good for lifting emotions. Bright, light, it's an easy going summer inspired fragrance.
  • Warm Cinnamon: Let the sweet and spicy aroma of Zoflora Warm Cinnamon fill your home with scents of cloves.

You can find out all the details on the Zoflora website: www.zoflora.co.uk which also has interesting user-submitted ideas for uses.

Zoflora can be purchased in most supermarkets and many other shops:
Tesco | Savers | Asda | B & M | Iceland | Morrisons | Wilkinson's | Sainsbury's | Superdrug
99p Stores | Home & Bargains | Graham's Toiletries

"Tried and tested by generations, this antibacterial disinfectant range contains an effective odour neutraliser and smells so fresh and fragrant you'll want to use it everywhere.

There are many products on the market that effectively kill germs but unfortunately, many of them aren't very kind on your nose. Triple Action Zoflora is different. This powerful concentrated antibacterial disinfectant liquid not only kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, but also contains a powerful odour elimination ingredient and beautiful long lasting fragrance leaving your home hygienically clean and fresh.

It is also particularly effective in areas where odours may be an issue, such as rubbish bins, toilets, damp rooms and clean-ups of vomit, pet accidents, spilt milk etc."

Tuesday 22 November 2011

REVIEW: Club Penguin Toys

I received a big selection of Club Penguin toys to review from UKMums.tv and here's our review...

I knew from the moment I saw them, these would be a big hit with David as I know he plays on the Club Penguin website regularly and he also loves his cuddly toys.

Each of the Club Penguin toys comes with a token, which David tells me you can use on their website to get new characters for in the game. So, if your child plays Club Penguin, the toys serve as two presents when you think about it - they get the cuddly toy and a bonus of an online, in-game character.

The Club Penguin site is from Disney. Club Penguin is a virtual world for kids with lots of fun activities, where you can play and chat with friends and is a safe environment for kids, which is moderated and filtered, so you don't need to worry about who your child is talking to or what they are doing.

Now Club Penguin as seeped into reality with their fantastic range of toys for children. The fun no longer has to end on the internet, because children can keep playing with their favourite characters from the website in reality.

David seemed to have a particular fondness for the 'hidden' characters - his favourite of the toys is the abominable snowman, which is one of the penguins disguised as the abominable snowman and you can peel down the top to reveal the penguin.

These can be as fun as your child wants to make them - I mean with imagination, they can play any way with them. Also make a nice bedtime toy too.

I don't think these are just for fans of the Club Penguin website however, as if your child likes cuddly toys, then I'm sure they'd love them just as much as a Club Penguin fan.

CHILD RATING - 10/10 - loads of fun
ADULT RATING - 9/10 - perfect for any kids who like soft toys

Club Penguin toys can be purchased from the Disney Store, Toys R Us and other good toy retailers and start from approximately £4 upwards.

Monday 21 November 2011

REVIEW: B.I.G. Power Hand

The lovely people over at UKMums.tv sent me the new B.I.G. Power Hand to review with my 9 year old son, David.

From a personal point of view, when I first saw this, I thought to myself "this isn't going to be something that'll last", because nowadays, you get used to toys needing batteries or video games, and this is neither of those. I had my doubts as to whether this would be something David would enjoy.

But in its simplicity, it is also entertaining and good fun. David enjoyed trying it out. The leaflet that came with it had some challenges, such as being able to pick stuff up with the hand and being able to switch the light on and off and David found this to be lots of fun. On top of that, he just loves having a great big hand!

Well, what is it, you ask... Well, basically it's a great big hand - it has a glove attached to the inside which your child puts his/her hand into and allows them to control movement of the giant fingers, almost as though they are their own.

While this doesn't make sounds and nor does it shine, sparkle, play music or anything like that, it does keep kids entertained for quite some time.

David loved the challenges and trying to perfect them. You know the pick up machines with the teddies in at the funfair? Well, David loves using that hand as a pick up thing and trying to pick up and 'win' his toys. Like I said previously, this provided him with a surprising amount of entertainment and I'm sure he is going to enjoy it for a long time yet.

You can see David's reactions and thoughts in the video review above and see for yourself how much fun he has with it.

I've given David's rating below. I've also given my rating as a parent based on value, entertainment and giftability (yes, I made up the last one!).

CHILD RATING - 10/10 - lots of fun!
ADULT RATING - 8/10 - hours of fun, limited only by your child's imagination!

You can find out more about the B.I.G. Power Hand and the B.I.G. hands that are available at the B.I.G. Power Hand website. They are available to buy at most good toy stores such as Smyths & Toys R Us and also from places such as Amazon and Argos and retail  at approximately £29.99. They are sure to be a hit this Christmas!

You can buy addons too such as armour, they are also available in different styles & colours and in left or right hands.

Monday 7 November 2011

REVIEW: Tefal Sensorielle Frying Pan

I was recently sent one of the brand new range of frying pans from Tefal to review - the Tefal Sensorielle...

We currently have 2 older Tefal frying pans and they have been fantastic - our frying pans prior to buying those were rubbish as everything always stuck to them, so I was equally looking forward to trying out the new Sensorielle.

The other day, I decided to try out the Sensorielle for cooking up my ingredients for chicken fajitas.

Firstly, the appearance of the pan - well it's a good design, great size and best of all, nice and deep - no ending up accidentally flicking food out of the frying pan when trying to turn over your food during frying. The handle (the "curved comfort handle" which is oven safe up to 180°C) is in a strange place compared to what I am used to, but I come to find that it was actually well placed and made for comfort and ease of use. 

These new Sensorielle pans are defined as their toughest yet. They have an Intensium coating, which is "an extra hard mineral base layer which is fused to the other layers, including a visible holographic layer. Intensium provides the ultimate scratch-resistant surface, designed to withstand the most rigorous use and even resistant when using metal utensils."

Their "Ultimium" non-stick coating comes with a lifetime guarantee, which protects against blistering and peeling.

The red ring (the "Thermospot") in the centre of the frying is brilliant - it lets you know when your pan is at the correct temperature - no more guesswork!

This new pan is also fantastic as you don't even have to use oil - it is made in such a resilient way, that it is not needed and your food still won't stick. I must admit, I was a little skeptical about this, but having tried it, I can confirm it works - an easy way to make healthier meals.

I always use a metal fish slice for flipping over food in the frying pan and I was surprised to see that it didn't leave lots of scratches behind too - I prefer using metal to wooden utensils, but often find the frying pan gets damaged very easily, so I've so far been pleasantly surprised with the new Sensorielle frying pans resilience.

Another feature part of this new Sensorielle range is the fantastic anti-warp base "which makes each pan resistant to thermal shocks.The copper particles in the base make Sensorielle pans extremely effective at heat diffusion, distributing heat evenly throughout the food and preventing hot spots" - no more of your food getting cooked one side of the pan, but not so well on the other!