Monday 30 July 2018

FOOTBALL: Fantasy Premier League 2018/19 (YB)

I'll be playing fantasy sports leagues for the new season again! Here are details of my leagues - feel free to join and drop me a comment below and let me know your team names!

EA Sports Fantasy Premier League
League Name: Ham Butty League
League Code: 657250-144460

Dream Team Classic
League Name: Back Of The Inter-Net
League Pin: SG3UKC4W

Sky Sports Fantasy Football
League Name: Grim Reapers
League Pin: 8383905

Superbru Premier League Fantasy
Pool Name: Bananas
Pool Code: packduds

Friday 27 July 2018

FAMILY: Fun In The Park (YB)

We had a fun little trip to the park (Princes Park, Liverpool) today, here are some photo's...

Saturday 21 July 2018

HORSE RACING: Horse Racing Predictions - 21st July (YB)

I'm watching the racing from Newbury, Market Rasen and Newmarket on ITV today, so I thought I'd do my e/w predictions for Newmarket, Ripon, Newbury, Market Rasen and Cartmel. I'd normally do wins as well, but I don't have the time...

14:15 - No More Regrets
14:45 - Melodic Motion
15:25 - Tawaafoq
16:00 - Keepers Choice
16:35 - Brexit Time
17:10 - Hakeem
17:40 - Dancetaria (WIN)

14:20 - Associate Rock
14:55 - Silver Dust
15:30 - Winged Spur
16:05 - Benadalid
16:40 - Acrux
17:15 - Be Perfect
17:50 - Loulin

13:50 - Desert Encounter
14:25 - Couer De Lion
15:00 - Yafta
15:35 - Society Queen
16:10 - Chatham House
16:45 - Flying North
17:20 - Top Score

13:35 - Stole The Show
14:05 - Linganno Felice
14:40 - Collodi
15:15 - Sumkindofking
15:50 - Voodoo Doll
16:25 - Our Three Sons
17:00 - Old Salt

13:55 - Mac Tottie
14:30 - Innocent Touch
15:05 - Beeno
15:40 - Reverse The Charge
16:15 - Bentons Lad
16:50 - Dun Faw Good
17:25 - Undefined Beauty

Don't forget to have a go at the ITV7 for a chance to win £50k!

Friday 20 July 2018

FAMILY: Marley's Nursery Graduation (YB)

Today was Marley's "graduation" from nursery. I cannot believe how quickly time has passed and that he'll be starting school in September! He looked the smallest at graduation, but then he will only be 4 years and 2 months when he starts school, so I think he'll most likely be one of the youngest there!

He was sad at leaving nursery and leaving behind everyone he knows...

Sunday 15 July 2018

FAMILY: A Day At The Park (YB)

We had a day out at the park (Sefton Park, Liverpool), so I thought I'd share some photo's...

FOOTBALL: World Cup Final Predictions - 15th July (YB)

I'm really excited for today's final! And I really, really, REALLY hope Croatia win. They deserve the win so much more than France do.

France have got through, but they haven't done it in style and their wins are definitely nothing to shout about.

But Croatia tried and tried and tried and got all the way to the final.

My prediction for today is...

France 1-2 Croatia

Good luck, Croatia! May the best team win!

Saturday 14 July 2018

FOOTBALL: World Cup Third & Fourth Playoff Predictions - 14th July (YB)

Well, it's a game of pride today really. Trying to finish 3rd instead of 4th with the main prize already lost. Again, I was disappointed to see England out, but glad to see they got so far, we should be proud of them for once! We got a lot further than previous World Cup winners Germany and favourites Spain, Portugal, Argentina etc.

As or today's match though, I think Belgium will win. But I hope England prove me wrong!

My score prediction for today is...

Belgium 2-1 England

Good luck, England!

Friday 13 July 2018

FOOTBALL: Liverpool Summer Transfers (YB)

Well, with all the excitement of the World Cup, I've neglected to post about Liverpool!

Well, we haven't had a lot of new players in thus far. Keita has finally arrived and I'm looking forward to watching him in action when the new season starts.

And Fabinho is interesting, I'm interesting to see his partnership at the back with Van Dijk and wondering who else will be partnering them at the back.

And now Shaqiri joining us is exciting. Seeing Shaqiri play at previous World Cups, I always hoped we'd buy him. He always got bought into my teams in FIFA on the XBox 360/PS4. I think he can be a great addition as the playmaker for Salah, Mane and Firmino. I'm glad to see he's signed on!

The goalkeeper situation is still a bit up in the air. Loads of speculation, but nothing doing so far. At the start of last season, I thought Karius was even worse than Mignolet, but as the season progressed, I noticed a major improvement. Only to be let down in the Champions League final. I'm undecided as to my opinion on him. I don't know if Klopp should stick with him or find a replacement. I think the majority of fans have lost faith though, so as much for himself as for the team, maybe we should be looking at a replacement.

WINS: Sports Competition #8 (YB)

Not strictly a win this time, but I entered a competition with @MapeiUKLtd and although I didn't win, because they liked my England supporter's photo, they sent me two footballs for the boys...

HORSE RACING: Horse Racing Predictions - 13th July (YB)

I'm watching the racing from Newmarket on ITV today, so I thought I'd do my e/w predictions for Newmarket, Ascot & York. I'd normally do wins as well, but I don't have the time...

13:50 - War Glory
14:25 - Main Edition
15:00 - Desert Wind
15:35 - Threading
16:10 - Nayef Road
16:45 - Hamada
17:20 - Ripp Orf

14:15 - Enough Already
14:50 - I Am A Dreamer
15:25 - Hawkerland
16:00 - White Chocolate
16:35 - Only Spoofing
17:10 - Hateya
17:40 - Dark Alliance

14:05 - Diamond Oasis
14:40 - Framley Garth
15:15 - Pretty Baby
15:50 - Maifalki
16:25 - Oberyn Martell
17:00 - Henley
17:30 - Byrons Choice

Don't forget to have a go at the ITV7 for a chance to win £50k!

FOOTBALL: World Cup Final (YB)

Well, I hoped to see England in the final, but it's France vs Croatia.

Croatia have been my favourite underdog team since the days of Davor Suker and I think they played brilliantly against England in the semi-final and thoroughly deserve their place in the final, and I am totally hoping they win it!

Luka Modric has been an outstanding playmaker and score one of the goals of the tournament in my opinion. Vida has been excellent defensively too. And Perisic is amazing in front of the goal.

But France certainly have a lot of quality in their squad. But in my opinion, I can't see them winning it. Croatia are going to really want it, and while France have done well, their style of play has been nothing to shout about and Croatia are really going to take the game to them which might just catch them out!

Mbappe has been the ultimate star for France in my opinion. Griezmann hasn't really lived up to the expectations. They're a decent team overall though, a lot of class. I think if they played like they could, they would win, but judging by their performances so far, I think Croatia will prove to creative and too challenging for them.

Long before the World Cup started, I did a 50p bet on Croatia with PaddyPower - I can currently cash out for £4.60, but if they win I'll get £16.50!

I'm really looking forward to the final. The third & fourth place playoff between Belgium and England should be a good watch too, if slightly disappointing as an England fan.

Thursday 12 July 2018

WIN: Sports Competition Win #7 (YB)

I won a Cofra t-shirt and football from @mammothworkwear on Twitter for guessing the closest minute of the first goal scored...

Wednesday 11 July 2018

WINS: Sports Competition Win #6 (YB)

I won a Brazil football shirt signed by Jason Derulo from @ChartShowTV...

WINS: Sports Competition Win #5 (YB)

I did well predicting the England vs Tunisia football game in a competition on Twitter. I won 3 Puma Fischer football kits, a football & bag from @fischerfixings...

FOOTBALL: World Cup Predictions - 11th July (YB)

Last semi-final match today. Very excited for today's match with the prospect of England reaching the World Cup final! I think England will win, but it will be a tough match. I think England will win it in extra time. My 90 minutes score prediction is...

Croatia 1-1 England

I was shocked to see Belgium get beaten yesterday. They were often the stronger team throughout the match, but just didn't manage to get a goal. I don't think France played amazingly, just Belgium didn't really play like they wanted to stay in it. On a good day, I still think Belgium would beat France. I'm hoping the final will be France vs England!


Tuesday 10 July 2018

FOOTBALL: World Cup Predictions - 10th July (YB)

Well, the World Cup is quickly drawing to its conclusion as today is the first of the semi-final matches. I think Belgium will win. My score prediction is...

France 2-3 Belgium

I'm looking forward to tonight's match and even moreso, to tomorrow's match as England are actually in the semi-finals of the World Cup!!!!!

FAMILY: Marley's 4th Birthday (YB)

It was Marley's 4th birthday yesterday, so I thought I'd blog about our day out.

We started the morning off with him opening his cards & presents from us (Mum, Dad & big Brother), Granny & Grandad (Paul's parents) and David & Sue (Great Uncle & Aunt).

We got the train to Southport for a day out because little man loves the beach! We had a very busy day...

First of all, we walked all along the pier, and had our sandwiches looking out across the water (or lack thereof as the tide was really far out!). Then to save his little legs from being worn out, we got the mini train back.

If I'm totally honest, we were actually aiming for the beach initially, but we went the wrong way! Anyway, it was an extra little adventure for us! We shared some hot doughnuts before heading off to the beach. Marley had loads of fun! He looked for seashells, built sandcastles just so he could destroy them instantly and ran around loads!

After the beach, we went to King's Gardens Adventure Park - he had loads of fun here too.

Then we had some ice cream, it was a very hot day, and it was the seaside, so we had to have ice cream!

Then we went to the arcades. A trip to the seaside isn't complete without trying to win a teddy (and failing!) on the pick-up machines, or endlessly putting your 2p's into the 2p machine and the sound of winning making it sound like you've won a lot more than you really have! Or playing any of the 10p games to win tickets to exchange for prizes!

Marley cashed in all the tickets we'd collectively gained and managed to get himself a little haul of goodies - a big Minions bouncy ball, a The Incredibles frisbee, a tub of bubbles, a pug teddy and a toy dinosaur.

Then, by this point, he was very knackered, so we headed back for the train, but stopped off at Caffe Nero for a hard earned (as parent's & big brother) cuppa (though he had a kid's cuppa too!). He decided this was the big boy birthday chair...

Then we went for the train home. He looked knackered by this point and inevitably fell asleep on the way home...

But the fun didn't end there, so it was quite lucky he didn't fall asleep. As when we got home, Grandma, Auntie Yasmin & Auntie Latisha (my Mum and sisters) came over with their cards and presents for him.

Not to mention, this fantastic dinosaur birthday cake that his Auntie Yasmin made for him...

He had a very busy day and he loved every minute of it! He was absolutely knackered at the end of the day!

Sunday 8 July 2018

WINS: Sports Competition Win #4 (YB)

I won a Lebron James Miami Heat jersey from @UKASSNI. Here's my eldest son showing it off (as it's his)...

Saturday 7 July 2018

FOOTBALL: World Cup Predictions - 7th July (YB)

Last two matches of the quarter finals today and I'm hoping they're just as exciting as yesterday's matches! I think England and Croatia will win, but with Sweden's defensive line-up, and Russia's zest for winning in their home country, anything could happen! Here are my score predictions for today...

Sweden 1-2 England
 Russia 2-3 Croatia

As for yesterday's matches, they went as I expected they would. Uruguay really missed the presence of Cavani alongside Suarez and nothing came of their opportunities, not a single goal, with France taking a decisive victory over them.

As a Brazil supporter, I was disappointed to see them knocked out, but not at all surprised and I totally expected Belgium to win. Belgium were much the better team, and for a while now, to me, have looked like favourites to win the World Cup. Brazil looked much a better team in the second half replacing Willian with Firmino and Gabriel Jesus with Douglas Costa, it's just a shame they didn't also substitute Neymar who was rubbish for the whole tournament, aside from his despicable rollings around and blatant diving, his zest for being the star man, in my opinion, in large part why they lost. He was always wanting to take it on himself instead of making the sensible decision and passing. Also, he lost the ball to the opposition countless times. And still the fans shouted his name and still the presenters/commentators heaped praise on him. I think he was extremely disappointing. Had Firmino & Douglas Costa been on from the start with Coutinho feeding the ball to them, I think Belgium would have had a challenge on their hands!

Friday 6 July 2018

FOOTBALL: World Cup Predictions - 6th July (YB)

I am really, really looking forward to the quarter final matches. I'm particularly looking forward to the Brazil vs Belgium match! I think France and Belgium will win (though I hope Brazil win). Though I wouldn't be surprised to see Uruguay cause an upset! Here are my score predictions for today...

Uruguay 2-3 France
 Brazil 1-2 Belgium