Thursday 28 April 2011

REVIEW: Super High Power Spanx Shapewear

I was lucky enough to be chosen to review the new shapewear called 'Spanx' from Tightsplease and I had the chance to try them out yesterday.

Most often, I wear shapewear with a dress as the last thing I want is my flabby layers showing through my dress! I often have the problem, however, that they only go to your waist which leave flab hanging over the top. I also find they squash flab mid-way on your thighs too because of the seam band.

My first impressions when I took the Spanx shapewear out of the packet was "Wow! They're small - how am I going to fit into them?" - they were the size I had requested, but they looked about the size of a kid or a very slim person. I expected they would stretch, but looking at their original size, I thought to myself, "No way are these going to fit" - I am astounded and really pleased to say they did - I was very shocked - you would not believe just how much they stretch!

I love the fact that they go right up to your chest - it meant that all the flab was held back with no big belly hanging over the top like usual shapewear does. The lack of leg band on the seam also meant those thigh bulges were a thing of the past too. I'd read the claims of what the shapewear could do, but I had my reservations, as the ones I have used in the past have left me disappointed. I can honestly say that this wasn't the case with the Spanx shapewear.

They are very comfortable to wear - when sitting, I was not in any discomfort and when walking around they were very comfortable. I also found them very 'airy' which was good as I find wearing shapewear and lycra undergarments often leaves you uncomfortably sweaty and prone to chafing. This wasn't the case with these. I was very surprised as lots of things make claims about how great they are, but very rarely live up to your expectations.

The only negative aspect for me was the name 'Spanx' - it's a really bizarre name and just makes me think of all things kinky (not that I think things like that a lot! It's just what springs to mind when I hear it).

They are fantastic value for money at £33 and are available in black or fleshtone depending on what you prefer and in a wide variety of sizes - you can buy them from Tightsplease here.

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  1. i agree about the name! Really off putting. review sounds great though so might well try them!