Thursday 6 October 2011

Trip To Chester Zoo - 25th September 2011

Another trip for David as an early birthday treat was to Chester Zoo. I had won 2 adult tickets from Favourite Days Out in Cheshire on Facebook for me & Paul, so we just needed to buy tickets for David & Latisha.

Again, we had intended to get there for when they opened at 10am, but ended up arriving at around 12pm.

We've been to Chester Zoo before, but not for a long time - I think the last time we went was when David was 3 or 4 years old. So it had changed a fair bit.

The first thing we went to see were the elephants. It was really crowded at the time as it's the first set of animals you come across just after you enter. We then went to see the monkeys, apes & gorillas - soooo cute!

Latisha & David standing by a little monkey figure.

We then saw some cheetahs which were really cute, followed by the lions, which were equally cute (from a distance!) - Latisha said she wanted a pet male lion!

There are 2 cheetahs in this photo.

These are the 2 lionesses, but there was a male lion in there too.

The next stop was the amazing dinosaur exhibition. Lots of big, moving model dinosaurs with sounds and some of them even sprayed water out of their mouths at you. It's a fabulous exhibition and the dinosaurs were very realistic. David loved them as he's really into dinosaurs.

We then went to see the otters, which were really cute, but really noisy too - you couldn't believe such a horrible sound could come from such a cute animal! Then we went to see the tortoises... Slowly... Slowly... Then we saw the big hairy orang-utan, very hairy...

One of the otters.

The tortoises.

The really hairy (and BIG!) orang-utan.

We saw loads of other stuff too, such as a load of birds. Paul had us all walk through the bat area - I hate anything that has flappy wings to come at you with! Worst of all, 1 of them had a wee on my head!! Disgusting!! We saw a zebra, an ostrich, some pink flamingos and more. There were loads of others, but I don't know the name of any of them now.

The zoo is absolutely massive and you'd have no trouble spending a while day there! In fact, we actually didn't manage to get around everywhere in the end which was very unfortunate, but we all had a lovely day and David seemed to very much enjoy his second birthday treat!


  1. I love zoos. Your pictures are super. I'd won Cheshire zoo tickets too but had to give them away.

  2. lovely pics! I haven't been to a zoo for years, Elephants are my favs!