Saturday 24 December 2011

MRB Advent Calendar - Day 13 (Sponsored by Douwe Egberts)

Welcome to Day 13 of the My Random Blurb advent calendar which is sponsored by...

Up for grabs today is a selection of coffees thanks to Douwe Egberts.

Inspirations Kenyan Sunset
"Bring a sense of African adventure to your day whilst savouring the full-bodied and exotic taste of this rich and sensual coffee, perfect for sunrise or sunset. Our master roasters rated this a Strength 4."

Having personally tasted this, I can say this interesting new addition to the Douwe Egberts range is both rich and special in flavour. Easy to make and very aromatic. This one is perfect for those who prefer their coffee a bit stronger than average.

Inspirations Brazilian Samba
"Put a spring in your step with this smooth yet exciting coffee, bursting with Latin flavour and passion. Our master roasters rated this a strength 3."

I found this one to be the perfect morning coffee, not to strong, but not too mild either - just perfect for kick starting your day. Again, it is a very aromatic coffee with a very special taste and flavour - something you can really enjoy.

Inspirations Eastern Escape
"Retreat to a tranquil and peaceful place, where you can relax and unwind. The delicate aroma and  balanced blend will help you feel calm and mellow, easing you through the day. Our master roasters rated this a strength 3."

This one was my personal favourite of three. Very easy to make and drink, very aromatic and flavoursome and perfect for anytime of the day. The coffee you can just sit down and unwind with.

You can find out more about the Douwe Egberts range on their website You can also keep up with their latest news on Facebook and/or Twitter.

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  1. The answer is 1753


  2. 1753
    from @clairew137

  3. 1753


  4. Would love to win this! On twitter as @khal_khaleesi =) x

  5. The answer is 1753. On twitter as @khal_khaleesi =)

  6. Awww. Wouldn't let me tag you on facebook but the post is there - Sue Robinson Mse :)

  7. Fab comp 1753 on twitter @tiddles12

  8. 1753. Love coffee great comp @clarateddy

  9. Answer - 1753

    @BoostieBoo or JoJo Young

  10. I'd love a coffee right now to keep me awake but I'd be on the go all night! Douwe started in 1753