Monday 5 March 2012

Dead Granny Cooks Dinner

OK, this isn't going to be the longest blog post ever, but I read about something so funny, I just had to share it with you all...

I read that a 95 year old Grandmother, Li Xiufeng in Guangxi Province, China sustained a really bad head injury and was pronounced dead a couple of weeks ago having been found in her bed motionless and not breathing by one of her neighbours.

Her funeral had been planned and the family had organised a wake. She was in an open coffin which had not yet been permanently sealed.

Six days after being found *dead* in her bedroom, after the wake, she *woke up* hungry and went to cook a meal in the kitchen much to the surprise of her family and neighbours!! It turned out she wasn't actually dead and just appeared in a state as though she was - but can you imagine just how shocked her family & friends were to find an empty coffin and their *dead* relative/friend cooking in the kitchen?!

I'm surprised they didn't die of shock!! Their local hospital says it was an *artificial death* - whereby she had stopped breathing but was still warm. Pretty lucky Chinese tradition says that the persons coffin is left open for several days for family and friends to pay respects or she really would have been dead!

Li Xiufeng, the 95 year old *dead* Grandmother


  1. wow !!!! that would have been one heck of a shock!

  2. One big shock for the poor granny in the coffin! Isn't that a nightmare. But funny, now!

  3. That's an amazing story-I can't believe this could happen!