Sunday 20 July 2014

FAMILY: My David: All Grown Up (YB)

Well, as you all know by now, we welcomed a new addition to our family on 9th July 2014. But this post is all about my oldest son starting his new chapter...

David is 11 years old, I've still thought of him as my "little" boy until recently. He started going to and coming home from school himself this year, even now he's done it loads, I'm still a worrier, and if you're a parent too, I'm sure you can sympathise. He suddenly looked a lot bigger when Marley was born though!

On 18th July 2014, David finished at primary school - I'm finding it hard to believe that my "little" boy is all grown up. It feels like time flies. It doesn't feel so long ago he was my first born new little baby, then before I knew it he was a toddler. When that chapter was over, he was starting nursery school, I remember how distraught he was on his first day of nursery - he didn't want to let go of me and it was really hard to walk away and leave him there. Then he left nursery school and started full-time school, primary school, yet another chapter of his life. Each year of primary school feels like it has come and gone so fast! And now he's off to senior school in September, starting yet another chapter of his life! I'm normally quite unemotional, but his leavers assembly almost brought a tear to my eye!

2006 Nursery at Windsor Street C.P. School 
2008 Reception at St. Silas C. of E. School

2009 Yr 1 at St. Silas C. of E. School

2010 Yr 2 at St. Silas C. of E. School
2014 - Playing "Teenage Kicks" on their ukeleles at the Yr 6 Leavers Assembly

Whist he doesn't show it, he must be on an emotional rollercoaster at the moment, leaving primary school, leaving most of his old friends behind and everything that has been so familiar to him combined with a new surprise baby brother in his life and going from being an only child for almost 12 years, to having to share his Mum and Dad with a new little baby that demands lots of care and attention.

He's been very mature with all the changes and I tell him, but I'm not sure he realises just how proud of him I am. He's a wonderful young man that would make any mother proud. He's intelligent, helpful, caring, loving, kind, considerate and a million other wonderful things all rolled into one.

I know he can do well at senior school and I look forward to seeing him mature into an adult, even if I do find it hard to see my "little" boy grow up. I've told him no matter how old he gets, he's never too old to be exempt from a hug!



At the moment, he says he wants to be an architect, so he's got a long road to go yet, even if to me it all feels like it flies by! He knows he has my support in anything and everything he does. So now just to watch him grow up even more...

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  1. What a lovely post, Yvonne. I found this section of my children's lives the hardest, changing from Junior to Senior school. As they seemed to lose so much of their innocence over night.
    Senior school will be a big change for him, but, with your help, I'm sure he will settle down & fulfill all of his dreams.
    My children are now in the mid 20's to early 30's & it doesn't seem two minutes since I was bringing them home out of hospital & now they are giving us the next generation. Not sure where time went, it went past so fast.
    Best of luck David as you venture into your next life adventure.