Wednesday 22 June 2016

POLITICS: EU Referendum (YB)

Just days away from the EU referndum here in the UK which will decide whether we stay a part of the EU or not. What's everyone planning on voting?

I've always been for voting leave, but for the right reasons. I do not agree with those with racist seeming views such as Nigel Farage or The Daily Mail newspaper who seem to thrive on the propaganda angle.

I believe we should leave because I don't feel the EU make the best decisions for us. To be honest, nor do I think David Cameron does, but hey, that's another blog post.

Every time the EU seems to make a decision, it seems to be more favourable to the connected European countries within the EU, than little old Britain over here separated from them.

One of those things is immigration, but not in a racist way like UKIP & other people portray it. At the end of the day, we're a relatively small island and we can't cope with the continuing increase in immigrants entering the country. Especially not when countries as big as Germany take in very few in comparison, because the EU see fit to send so many immigrants here yet a disproportionately small amount to the much bigger EU member countries.

I strongly believe we need immigrants, just in limited numbers. There's something not right when people born here are homeless, yet homes are being given away to people who have only just arrived in the country. But we also have a lot of valuable immigrant workers that are so vital to our country - in particular, doctors and nurses. And to those who are simply racist who want to get rid of immigrants, would you be so keen if that meant a shortage of doctors and nurses? What if that meant you or a loved one could not receive the care you needed in hospital? Would you hatred beat the need for a loved ones life being saved? Maybe you read this and think "well, that's irrelevant" - but is it really? No-one knows what's around the corner, and there is no person that is impervious to injury or illness. And if it was you or someone you love, wouldn't you want there to be enough qualified hospital staff to hopefully get you or them through it?

I also think we should be making our own decisions overall, not just regarding immigration. I don't think that people who it won't directly affect, should be making such important decisions for us. Again, it's bad enough that we put our trust in the likes of David Cameron (again another story for another blog post), but you could at least argue that he is British and was elected by the people of the country. The same cannot be said for the EU.

It seems that David Cameron and those in support of remaining have done their share of scaremongering too. There could be repercussions to us leaving that would have on the economy, but I feel it's not really certain to anyone what, if any, affect that would be. I was watching television earlier and saw David Cameron and all he could talk about was the effect it might have on businesses, with not really any emphasis on the effect it would have on the working class person. I feel that as he is in league with big businesses, that's his only real concern, so to listen to him is making a mistake too as he is clearly biased.

I think FACTS should be the most important factor in what you decide to vote. Not scaremongering from those in favour of remaining OR those in favour of leaving. Nor should it play a factor which of your favourite celebrities have been paid to support a certain campaign. You should be using your head to make an informed decision that you feel is right for you, your family and your country! I urge you, if you are unsure, take the next 24 hours to read the FACTS from somewhere neutral. And make your decision based on facts rather than scaremongering or propaganda being thrown around the media and from politicians. I would suggest maybe Full Fact as a place to start looking.

I really personally hope the majority vote goes to leave, but you really should read the facts and make up your own minds - don't let politicians, media or celebrities influence your decisions, just let the facts make up your mind...

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