Wednesday 27 July 2016

REVIEW: ChocOnChoc (YB)

I was sent a sample of ChocOnChoc to review. I was sent these lolly ice shaped chocolates...

ChocOnChoc use delicious Belgian chocolate to create fun & unique chocolates, suitable for the old and young, as kids and adults alike will love them equally.

I absolutely loved the lolly ice designs. As did my husband and our two boys. They were designed to look like a Fab, Rocket, Twister and just a standard lolly ice (I think) with a "bite" taken out of it (obviously by design rather than a pre-nibbled chocolate!).

Living in England, summer isn't all sunshine. With these chocolates, on a rainy day, you could shut your curtains or blinds and eat these chocolates and pretend you're at the beach in your home! You don't need to wait for the sunshine and warmth for real ice cream!

My boys loved their ones as you can see from the photo's...

The designs are perfect, they look really good and would make a great, fun gift for the kids or as a retro throwback treat for a nostalgic adult.

They are very tasty too. The chocolate is delicious, excellent quality chocolate. 

The Retro Chocolate Ice Lollies Set is just £15 to buy and is of course, but one of their very many designs.

ChocOnChoc sell lots of designs, and your sure to find a suitable one as a gift. As well as a range that can be personalised too.

For small children, fantastic gifts would be the Chocolate Zoo Collection or the Chocolate Farmyard Collection.

For tweens, maybe the Make Your Own Chocolate House or the Chocolate Egg On Toast would make perfect gifts.

And for teenagers/older children, the Chocolate Makeup Set for the girls and the Chocolate Biscuits for the boys.

If you've got a poorly family member or friend who is in hospital, why not ditch the traditional fruit basket and cheer them up even more with a Chocolate Fruit Basket!

Why not surprise someone you love with Chocolate Love & Kisses. If you brought them this unexpectedly, you would certainly make them feel loved!

A perfect gift for a school or university leaver would be the Chocolate Miniture Books or the Chocolate Stationery Set. A little way to reward them for all their hard work. Or maybe a bit of encouragement for back to school, when after all the fun of the summer holidays, the kids aren't exactly thrilled to be going back to school.

"Bath-based luxury chocolatier ChocOnChoc ( has discovered the most delicious way to study with their bespoke chocolate creations – all made from pure Belgian chocolate and refashioned into desktop designs.
Crafted using the brand’s patented chocolate layering technique, invented by its founders – Flo Broughton and her father Kerr Dunlop – and from which it takes its name, this intricate method decadently layers chocolate on top of chocolate to create the most intricate and beautiful designs imaginable.  Choc on Choc creates every single chocolate by hand at the infamous ‘Chocolate House’ in Rode, a small village near Bath in England."

If you would like to know more about ChocOnChoc, why not visit them here:


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  1. Oh wow! That chocolate is s pretty! It almost looks too good to eat! The ice lolly design are such a fun idea x