Wednesday 10 May 2017

REVIEW: PAIRFUM London Large Reed Diffuser Bell (YB)

I was sent a PAIRFUM London Large Reed Diffuser Bell to review...

I was really glad to be able to be involved in reviewing the PAIRFUM London reed diffuser - because their diffusers sounded special.

There are lots of reed diffusers available, but a lot of them are cheap ones and I worry about what is in them.

PAIRFUM London offered something special - natural/organic essential oils, a fragrance that lasts for 6-9 months and is free from carrier solvents. They are also lovingly handmade in the United Kingdom by PAIRFUM London Artisans.

From the moment your diffuser is delivered, you get a sense of something special, the box it is packaged in itself is quite beautiful and come with a scent button so you can instantly grasp the depth of scent the diffuser will provide.

I've been using the diffuser for over a week now and every morning, our living room smells beautiful. The scent is as amazing as the first day I used it.

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