Monday 29 March 2010

Outrage At Amazon Marketplace

Time for a new rant, methinks...

I've been selling on Amazon marketplace for some time now. But never will I again...

If you think eBay has ridiulous policies in place for sellers, you should treat Amazon with utter contempt and keep them at least a galaxy away (arms length just isn't enough).

I recently sold an item worth over £300. The buyer claimed that a) it was missing the power supply and b) the packaging inside was open.

I had listed the item as new (which it was), but had put in the comments box (which is the only space where a seller can add anything) that it had been opened only for testing. I test high value items to save on comeback.

I contacted them and told them if they had read the description properly, that I had actually stated that it had been opened for testing purposes only (and to check complete). And also that I was 100% sure that the power lead was in the box upon despatch, but I was willing to send a replacement at my expense or refund a proportional amount...

No contact back from them, and then all of a sudden, I get an Amazon A-Z Guarantee claim from them.

I disputed it, telling Amazon that I had clearly stated that it had been opened for testing purposes only and that I had offered a new power supply or partial refund. In my opinion, this was very fair, especially as I got the distinct impression (as would anyone with half a brain cell), that they had got it and simply decided they no longer wanted/required it and made up an excuse to send it back.

Anyway, my beef with Amazon... They refused my dispute becausethey say the item, if listed as new, needs to be totally unopened, and apparently, the comments box is totally irrelevant, I quote Amazon:
"Per our Policies for listing Amazon Marketplace items, sellers must accurately describe the product's condition on an item's retail page, also known as the product detail page. It is not sufficient to list differences from the stated condition in the comments."
Now, what is the point in having the comments box if they are totally irrelevant? But, also, this seems very unfair as there is no other way of adding to the description.

But that's not all, this is what really takes the biscuit... Again, I quote Amazon:
"Because you listed an item in an incorrect condition, the item is materially different than described and the buyer is automatically eligible for the A-to-z Guarantee, whether they return the item or not."
This is by far, the most incredibly ridiculous thing I have ever heard. I have to refund them their money (just to re-iterate, this was a £300+ item), regardless of whether they return the item to me or not! Now, it may just be me, but if they do not return it, is this not classed as theft? And if it is, why the hell aren't Amazon accessories to the crime?

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  1. That is absolutely dispicable. How can they legally have such a policy that people don't have to return the items when money has been refunded? Thanks for drawing my attention to this as I have sold things on Amazon in the past but would definitey think twicwe about it now.

  2. thats ridiculous - things like this put me off selling on all these types of sites!

  3. I have sold on Amazon a few times, but never realised this.I can't believe you have to refund them and they don't have to return the item.

  4. I've had similar problems. Amazon are fine if everything works, if not you're stuffed :(