Saturday 17 July 2010

Ban On Face Veils

OK, I saw on Yahoo Buzz today, that a Tory MP is planning a ban on Muslim face veils (burka's?).

I have been saying this for years. If you go into a shop in a helmet or a hoody and they kick you out unless you remove it, but wear a veil  and it's fine! It's bloody ridiculous - that's what it is! Let's face it - it may not even be a muslim underneath - it could be a white armed robber - what a perfect cover up for a robbery and it doesn't even matter if the you're caught on camera!

I believe that anyone, from any other culture being allowed into our country should respect and follow our rules and regulations.

We spend so much time respecting their religion and so on and, yet they are guests in our country and don't seem to give a shit about anything we hold dear.

However, whilst I fully agree with a ban, I think something like this will incite more racism into communities - which I don't agree with.

I think this will just further enforce the BNPs opinions - which are, let's face it, plain wrong.

I am coloured (ooh, sorry must be politically correct and ssay mixed race lol), but most people, if they didn't know me and just heard my thoughts and opinions, would probably assume I am white (probably a racist white person at that!).

I am not racist, I just believe if you are a guest of this country (which even if you are granted citizenship, you still are really), then you should respect and follow OUR rules, not the other way round.

When the World Cup was on - I heard that some people had been asked to take their flags down and some pubs and even that a small boy was refused to be allowed onto a bus because he was wearing the England - OMG - we live in England FFS - we can't even display our own flag in case it offends the Muslims.

It should have been made clear right from the start, that wherever you are from (i.e. this is not solely a rant at Muslims), if you come to live in this country, you damn well have to respect and follow OUR rules and regulations.

I believe everyone should be aware of and even respectful of other cultures, but the simple fact, at the end of the day, is THIS IS ENGLAND - we may have many different cultures here, and whilst I agree that people have many different beliefs and behaviours, everyone should respect out culture and follow our rules whilst living here as I am sure other cultures/religions would expect of us equally if we were in their country!

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  1. Couldn't agree more with this. I went to Egypt last year & was made to cover right up when we visited the mosque. Not that I had anything on show anyway I was wearing a vest top but had to cover right up even my arms and wear one of their shawl things. I just said to my OH this is wrong imagine these were in england and was going in to one of our churches, would we ask them to remove their shawl? NO!! This country just let's people take the piss out of us!!!

  2. I agree with this article 100% and I really do get angry when I hear stories about flags having to be taken down, although this year there have been loads of flags with the jubilee and olympics, hooray!