Monday 4 July 2011

REVIEW: Funkin' Mojito

I received a Funkin' Mojito cocktail mixer and a small bottle of Bacardi to review...

I have tried a mojito before, and the taste I can only describe as strange. I was interested to see how the new Funkin' mojito cocktail would fare in comparison.

Well, first things first. The pouch with the cocktail mixer in was easy enough to open - if you've ever had a drink in one of these pouches before, you will be familiar with how to open them. Just a simple easy to open, screw cap (sealed to start with of course).

Mixing the drink was quick and simple. I poured the bacardi in a glass of crushed ice and then added the cocktail mixer and gave it a stir. It only took a few seconds, so it was quick and easy to make the cocktail - far easier than how it looks when they make one in a bar!

The smell of it was dominantly minty. Though it had a slight smell of fruit on it too. Upon drinking it, there was a very citrus like kick to it, even though it was predominantly mint flavoured. However, the mint wasn't overpowering and I thought the hint of lemon and lime in it gave it the perfect balanced taste. I've tried a mojito ready mixed in a bottle previously and it was like drinking toothpaste. This one had a far more subtle taste of mint - noticeable, but subtle and not overpowering. It was really a well balanced combination of flavours and if there is such a thing as a perfect mojito, then this was it.

I can't say over all that mojito's are one of my favourite alcoholic drinks, but it's definitely something I'd have once in a while and I think I'd choose the Funkin' one every time.

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