Thursday 14 July 2011

REVIEW: The Ridgacre Table Table Restaurant

I had the pleasure of doing a review at The Ridgacre restaurant in West Bromwich on 9th July for our evening meal.

I went along with my husband, Paul, our 8 year old son, David and my 9 year old sister, Latisha for our evening meal at 9.30pm on our way home to Liverpool from Pandamonium in the Park in Northampton and The Ridgacre in West Bromwich was on our way home.

We were promptly greeted and after a short delay, we were seated at a table and told to have a look at the menu and decided what drinks we would like.

The hubby and I went for diet Pepsi, whilst David chose a Capri Sun and Latisha chose milk. The waiter was very approachable and attentive and our drinks were served quickly. The waiter told us to just let him know as soon as we were ready to order.

The tables were nice and clean and the seating was comfortable. We got a table right next to the window which was lovely too. The lighting was very relaxing and ambient and the decor was very nice. The restaurant was very tidy and clean too.

Paul and I shared a doughball platter (cheese, chilli and garlic & herb) with all the dips (guacamole, olive oil with balsamic vinegar, tomato salsa and garlic butter), while David chose nachos covered in melted cheese with tomato salsa and mayonnaise dips and Latisha chose potato wedges (without the melted cheese as she does not like it) with tomato salsa and mayonnaise dips. All of our starters were served promptly and were hot and cooked just right. I very much enjoyed the garlic & herb doughballs best, although they were all nice. They were especially delicious dipped in the tomato salsa which was yummy! I wasn't very keen on the olive oil with balsamic vinegar dip, but maybe it's just an acquired taste - it tasted like olives to me and I really don't like olives. Paul enjoyed the doughballs too and he liked all of the dips. David enjoyed his nachos and gobbled them all up - he was a big fan of the tomato salsa too! Latisha enjoyed her wedges and gobbled those all up too and she also enjoyed the tomato salsa - the salsa gets a big thumbs up from us all! We all very much enjoyed the starters and the service was fantastic too. Here are some photo's of the kids tucking into their starters...

There were so many delicious sounding choices on the menu for the main course, that it was really quite difficult to choose what we wanted - it was definitely a great selection and I'd definitely say there was something for everyone to choose from.

For my main, I chose the chicken makhani curry which was served with basmati rice, naan bread and a side of butternut squash, spinach and lentil curry. This was cooked to perfection and, as a curry lover, I was not disappointed by this meal in the slightest. It was served quickly and was nice and hot. Everything was cooked just right - it was a very delicious meal overall. The chicken was succulent and the curry was deliciously spicy.

Paul chose the Quorn chilli (as he is a vegetarian) which was served with basmati rice, sour cream, guacamole and nachos. He says it was well cooked, and had a nice flavour to it. It was served quickly and was nice and hot as it should be.

David chose the chicken dinner from the kids menu which was half a grilled chicken breast served with roast potatoes, carrots, a Yorkshire pudding, garden peas and gravy. David chose not to have mash with his as he doesn't like mash. He enjoyed his food, he complained the chicken was a little overdone, but I think he was just being fussy as always! He seemed to enjoy all of his food. He had lots of fun seeing the mini jug with the gravy in - this amused him no end! It doesn't take much! It was served quickly and was nice and hot and the perfect size meal for a child, I think.

Latisha also chose the chicken dinner from the kids menu. Same as above, but Latisha did have the mash but didn't have the Yorkshire pudding! Again, she very much enjoyed hers too and didn't have any complaints. She tucked in and enjoyed it. She seemed to enjoy her food too. Just like David, the thing that seemed to make her happiest was the mini jug - she found it really fun. Children really are mad! Again, it was served quickly, hot and the perfect size for a kid.

The staff were all very attentive and polite and there was always someone around should you need them. Service was quick and friendly and with a smile - perfect.

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