Sunday 25 August 2013

FUN & FROLICS: Living The Country Life (YB)

We went to the Cheshire Game & Country Fair on Saturday 24th August (that's me, Paul, our son David and my sister Latisha) thanks to a family Living Heritage ticket I won from British Turkey on Twitter :)

We wasn't sure exactly what to expect, but we'd had a look on their website and it sounded like a fun day out, so we hired a car for the day to go.

First of all, we saw the protector dogs. There was a display showing how they catch the bad guys and also how they stop a bad guy getting something that is not theirs. It was very interesting. I don't think I'd fancy being the person who has the dog attack them though - even if you do get to wear protective armour!!

Then we got to the birds section, we saw some gorgeous owls, falcons and other birds of prey. We also saw a peregrine falcon in flight. The kids also got to hold an owl and a photo taken with them.

Then we spotted the ferret racing - that is very funny. Everyone could "bet" on the winner for 50p a ticket and if they won, they got £1 back. David and Tisha both had a go on the first race, neither of them win though :P The ferrets are funny, sometimes they'd whizz of and you'd be sure one of them had won and then suddenly they'd turn around and run back to the start. They're very funny little creatures! They had a second race too and David & Tisha bet on them again, David lost, but Tisha picked the winner! Ferret racing is both funny and bizarre!

Next we went to see the hamsters - I was very, very tempted to buy one to take home!

We then went of for a coffee, well me & Paul did - the kids had milkshakes and David had a cookie and Tisha had a red velvet cupcake.

Then we watched the sheepdog show - we saw how the very well trained and intelligent sheepdog would herd together the sheep and even get them to go through designated targets and then into a pen. The sheepdog then did the same but with ducks. It was very impressive.

The kids then had a go at catapulting - neither of them were very good at it though!

We then had a look around the shops and stuff and it was very difficult to refrain from buying loads of stuff!

Next, the kids had a go at paintballing, they had loads of fun and actually did really well - they both got a certificate at the end!

We then went off to the food hall area, I couldn't resist buying some of the deliciously fresh fudge, some sweet chilli jam and a delicious homemade apple pie!

We then went off for dinner. It was a late dinner as it was gone 3pm! I had a fajita from the Old El Paso stall, Paul had a vegetarian noodle box, Latisha and David both had a huge hot dog each! I was really annoyed though as later in the day, I spotted a food van in a different part that sold hog roast which I really wanted to try or maybe even a pulled pork burger :(

We then wandered to look at more of the shops and stalls. I ended up buying this lovely own shaped candle (which I will never burn!) and a beautiful metal owl too. As you may already know, I am rather obsessed with owls!

Then we saw some people getting pulled along on skateboards/wakeboards (not sure which, if either!), by people on horses - very, very odd, but fun!

Next we saw the stunt show - a father and son team - it was very impressive. I've put a video below for you to see for yourselves!

Then finally we went to see the chainsaw carving competition - I was astounded just how intricate a design they were making using chainsaws!!

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