Sunday 1 September 2013

FUN & FROLICS: Indoor Camping (YB)

OK, so yesterday, we thought we'd try something different - indoor camping!

We didn't have the time, money nor inclination to be going camping for real, especially not so close to the end of the summer holidays, so we decided we could have a fun indoor camp instead.

It was quite a challenge fitting a 4 person tent into the living room, but it wasn't quite as bad as we'd expected!

We went shopping in the daytime and armed ourselves with plenty of snacks :@) Crisps, marshmallows, sweets, but also some Fridge Raiders and fruit pieces!

We turned off all the lights for effect and had just a couple of tealight candles lit. We used battery-powered head torches for navigating the rest of the house.

Something really funny was that we tried toasting marshmallows over the tealight candles - oh yes we did!! We stuck a marshmallow on a cocktail stick and then warmed it over the tealight candles lol. I accidentally set fire to one of mine though...

We told scary stories in the dark, we each had a go at telling a scary story, they were so bad we ended up laughing more than being scared!!

It was quite fun, so I'd recommend it to keep the kids entertained!

It wasn't the most comfortable sleep I'd ever had though...

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  1. That's a great idea, I would prefer that to camping outdoors :-)