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RANT: Media: A Scourge (YB)

OK, as always a ranter I am, but this one really needed saying. I am so fed up of the media, be it newspapers or television and their ill portrayal of anything that actually matters in the world. Maybe, even worse still, is the people listen to it, get sucked in by it and then actually start to believe it!

When are people going to learn that the media only shows what is provocative to gain the best response from their readers/viewers and that they are not showing a broad spectrum of things as a whole.

One of the biggest culprits in my opinion are The Daily Express (a newspaper which has the audacity to call itself 'The World's Greatest Newspaper'), who are always spouting propaganda and spreading xenophobia. Some examples:

Today, whilst perusing Facebook, I came across an article (here) from them about a man who has been unemployed for 20 years and is demanding the council create a bigger home for him and his 18 children at the cost of the taxpayer.

As soon as a story such as this is run, everyone starts having a go at everyone who claims benefits and casting them all with the same negative opinions. So basically, The Daily Express finds the most outrageous thing they can to publish as they know it will provoke the biggest negative response towards people claiming benefits and then everyone 'gets their guns out' for each and everyone who claims benefits, regardless of their individual circumstances. So people who have been working for many years and lose their job through no fault of their own and then claim jobseeker's allowance are then cast with the likes of this person. So too are disabled people who are genuinely unable to work and the list goes on.

Personally, I see a story like this and other than knowing it is just provocative crap, I think far better than giving them a big house and lots of benefits, would be to find a piece of land and a cheap home, stick them in it, give them a stack of seeds and say get planting! No more benefits, this is all you're getting, use it and survive or rot. They can grow their own stuff and live off that. That's the best way to deal with breeders in my opinion. Mine is a far more viable option than the mindless responses on their post on Facebook or on their website such as 'cut it off' or 'set fire to them' which are quite frankly mindless and childlish in my opinion. I do feel with a family of that size, they need to do something other than cater for their every whim, but silly answers like those are just ridiculous.

This article (here), in my opinion, was again published solely to provoke rather than to supposedly question if the sentence was correct. This sort of thing happens around the UK regularly, but The Daily Express chose to publish a story where the perpertrator happened to be a black person, in my opinion, this was published with the sole intention of inciting race hate, something The Daily Express seem to do on a regular basis.

Basically, a white man (who suffered from aspergers) had said something (not sure what as the story seems to purposefully refrain from giving all of the facts) to the black man who had taken offence and punched the white man once. The white man fell and hit his head which resulted in his death.

The black man shouldn't have hit the white man, that goes without saying, but if you punched someone, you wouldn't expect them to die as a result. My point here, is not really about the outcome, so much as the choice of story they chose to run - there are more incidents such as this that occur in the UK, but they didn't choose to run a story where a white man punched a white man which resulted in death or where a white man punched a black man which resulted in his death. Because they like posting racist propaganda, they chose to run this story instead.

At the end of the day, this person took someone's life and they should be punished, and normally I am all for life-for-a-life, but I don't think this was an intentional murder - if I punched someone once, I would not expect them to die as a result, so it is manslaughter. If this person had intentionally aimed to kill the other person, I'd say a life sentence was't enough, I personally think life-for-a-life should be just that - if you willfully take a life (murder as opposed to manslaughter), then in return your life should be taken too. I'd have this opinion regardless of the race of the perpertrator. The person did not lie either, they took responsibility for their actions and pleaded guilty which should count for something.

The Daily Express never pick up on stories (deliberately, in my opinion) that portray racism from white people to black people in action, such as this horrific attack from 2 Scottish white men on a black man who has never claimed benefits and busks to earn a living which was published by The Daily Record in an article (here).

Anyone would think The Daily Express bosses are in the pockets of those who are high earners - those favoured by and including the current government (Conservatives) and also big corporations, hence the constant posts supposedly 'in favour' of the taxpayers, slandering absolutely everyone who claims benefits, regardless of circumstances or who is on a lower income.

That plus they must get nice sideline bonuses from the likes of the BNP, EDL and UKIP for all the racist propaganda and xenophobic views they seem to spread on a regular basis.

Isn't it about time people stopped being so single minded and realise that media publications printing crap like this are probably in the pockets of relevant companies and organisations and only print what they know will provoke the biggest reactions from people and help spread hate. Before people respond to their purposefully provocative posts with mindless insults, they should at least look up facts and see that the shit being spouted by the media in no way offers any sort of factual information which can be found by looking at an unbiased source instead.

Another on my list of shit-stirrers is Channel 4 - they love nothing more than to show programmes that will provoke the nastiest responses. Whenever they run a so-called 'documentary' - they find the worst of the worse people in the communities they are 'documenting' to portray on television - because it makes 'good viewing' - if they made a documentary that actually showed the majority of what each group is like, it would be dull, boring, average people who wouldn't make for interesting television.

Benefits Street - Here's another fine example of a media outlet showing the worst of the worse to provoke a response.

So many people watched this programme and even the most unbiased person was coaxed into believing this was representative of everyone who claims benefits. Responses were very violent and threatening, with people wanting to burn, mutilate or otherwise harm everyone claiming benefits.

But this show is no more of any real value than the Jerry Springer show or the Jeremy Kyle show - 2 programmes whereby the most outrageous stories and the most outrageous people were allowed on because it made entertaining viewing. Let's face it, no self respecting person would want to drag their private business through the public like the type who go on these shows. And Benefits Street is no different. Channel 4 sought out the most outrageous benefit claimants they could possibly find and put them on telly because they knew that would be far more entertaining than putting a true representation of benefit claimants on TV. After all, would it make good viewing watching someone scrape together the pennies to put their electricity or gas back on or to buy a loaf of bread or a bottle of milk? Of course it wouldn't!

My next example of crap comes from the online media section, and this one falls a lot closer to home. It was an online reality series on Vimeo called 'This Is Liverpool' - quite frankly, this could be made by a bunch of foreigners who have never visited Liverpool before in their lives and it has caused quite a stir amongst us Liverpudlians and this is a very poor portrayal of even the dregs of Liverpool (or anywhere else in society for that matter!).

Our city has had its ups and its downs. We are not the only city to have ever had problems, but we've come a long way from that now and it's crap like this series that drag it straight back down into the dumps.

Liverpool was crowned 'Capital Of Culture' back in 2008, quite a prestigious title for our fair city. This year, we were placed 3rd in the top 10 cities according to the highly respected Rough Guides. Yet what this video will show you is enough to scare off even the most open-minded person from visiting this city. To be honest, it doesn't even bare mentioning. But I feel it is important for people to realise this is not what Liverpool is like at all.

The people of Liverpool are mostly very approachable and friendly. I guess scousers as we are known, are quite loud (but not in an abrasive manner) and that might be a shock to people from certain places, but they soon realise that everyone is friendly and approachable. I'm actually not very scouser-like despite being born here and living here, I'm quite quiet (not that you'd know that from my ranting!), and there are other people like me in Liverpool as well, but for the best part, scousers are quite chatty and outgoing.

Of course, I wouldn't claim all Liverpudlians are saints, just like in every other part of the country, you get some good-for-nothing types, but no more here than anywhere else. It's certainly not something you encounter all over the place.

People have the attitude like we are all scallys who take drugs, drink too much and steal cars and you couldn't be more far from the truth. Like I said, you get some trash here, but no worse than anywhere else. In fact, in the most recently published crime statistics, Liverpool where nowhere to be seen in the list of worst offenders! So to all those who claim other wise, let factual statistics prove you wrong! In fact, it was actually our 'beloved' capital London that came out worst through and through!

Anyway, I've come to the end of my rant, else I'd be here forever, I just wanted to vent about how annoying I find the media. I wish people would start to think for themselves instead of paying attention to the scourge that is modern day media and realise they only show you what makes for good entertainment. I'd love to hear other people's constructive thoughts on the matter - please, if you only have a mindless comment, don't bother as I don't want to hear it!

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