Monday 28 April 2014

FUN & FROLICS: Competition Madness - Singing For Our Supper! (YB)

Well, if any of you seen the competition from Just Eat to sing for your supper, you may well have already seen our madness, but in case you didn't, I thought I'd share with you our video's that we made to enter each weeks competition.

The point was that you'd sing a song about food asking Just Eat to feed you, hence the title of the competition being "#SingForYourSupper" and if picked as a winner, you had a chance at winning a weekly takeaway voucher prize or one of the 3 grand prizes.

We entered each week, when it came to the final though, they only uploaded 2 out of our 4 videos and I'm not sure why as when I contacted them to ask about it on their Twitter account, they just ignored me :( Great customer service, NOT :( I was particularly annoyed as we'd spent ages on our 4th one in particularly and were very pleased with the outcome, so for it not be included in the videos to be judged for the final, was very disheartening :(

We only won once overall, and only an £8.88 voucher, yes it's a freebie, but some of the rubbish that won more was appalling. I did notice that they seemed to be quite short on entries a lot of the time though. They also seemed very sporadic announcing winners, and I never did see a complete list of winners. A lot of people don't like 'effort' competitions, so I guess their competition didn't really go as well as they had hoped for.

Anyway, to save our mad video making going to waste, I thought I'd share them here with you and give you all a laugh! Enjoy...





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