Sunday 11 May 2014

FOOD: Family Food Fun - Caribbean (YB)

Our family food this week comes as a taste of the Caribbean.

We decided to make a delicious brown chicken stew together, we all shared preparing and cooking duties.

Not knowing how to make it, we followed a recipe from the UKTV website.

We had to coat chicken fillets (or in Paul's case chicken-style pieces) in a mix of lemon juice, salt, black pepper, all-purpose seasoning and chicken seasoning, rub it in and leave it in the fridge for 30 minutes or more. Nice and easy really, David did that bit all by himself.

Marinated chicken fillets

Marinated chicken-style pieces

After that, we had to heat half pans of oil until they were really hot and deep fry the chicken fillets (and the chicken-style pieces separately) until browned. That bit was something David couldn't participate in and something I let Paul do as I always seem to manage to get burnt by hot oil, not least of all from spits of oil getting in my eye - ouch!

Then we had to remove them from the pan and tip away all but about 2 tablespoons of oil.

We had to chop spring onions, onions, scotch bonnet peppers, red peppers, green peppers and garlic - David and Paul did the chopping - Paul chopped ours and David chopped Paul's, just to be confusing ;)

Then we had to gently fry all of those in the remaining oil for a few seconds. Then we returned the chicken to the pan along with the remaining marinade from earlier (that which wasn't stuck on as coating to the chicken). We added water and butter then brought it to the boil, then lowered it to simmer and covered it to allow it to thicken into a more gravy like substance. We cooked some basmati rice to serve it with. It was very, very, very nice, we all enjoyed it and will definitely be making it again in the future.

Our finished brown chicken stew

Paul's finished vegetarian brown chicken-style stew

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