Monday 5 May 2014

FOOD: Family Food Fun - Mexican - Cinco De Mayo (YB)

Well, in the spirit of our newly found family food fun days, how could we not get involved in Cinco De Mayo with our very own Mexican feast!

We didn't go for anything too extravagant though, but we wanted some family food fun, so first of all we made fajitas.

I had a delicious fresh chicken breast fajita with red peppers and onion cooked in smokey bbq fajita seasoning (this time I used Old El Paso), then added crispy, fresh cos lettuce and jalapenos, a stack of hot salsa and a few splodges of soured cream.

Similarly to me, David had fresh chicken breast, red peppers and onions sizzled in smokey bbq fajita seasoning, with fresh lettuce, jalapenos, hot salsa and a smiley face of soured cream added!

Paul tried out Tesco's new vegetarian fajita mix (which he recommends by the way), with added fresh lettuce, jalapenos, hot salsa and plenty of soured cream.

We decided to churros a go for dessert, we were badly planned though as we didn't have a piping bag and they came out looking a little more like something you'd find in the toilet rather than on a plate!! They were tastier than they looked though, even when we dipped them into our homemade chocolate dip and they looked even more like they were straight out of the toilet!

We had fun as usual though and we are enjoying experimenting with our world foods, wonder what cuisine we'll take on next?!

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