Sunday 19 July 2015

FAMILY: Marley's 1st Birthday (YB)

Well, I cannot believe it, but a whole year as passed since our little surprise baby was born!

9th July saw Marley's 1st birthday. I was awake at 4am and saying to Paul (hubby) that this time last year, we both had no idea I was pregnant, yet around 35 minutes later at that time last year, I was giving birth!

Obviously, by now, we are long adjust to having our little man around - he's such a personality now. Me, Paul & David all agree that now we can't even remember what it was like before Marley. We love our little family of four.

Let's take a little trip down memory lane... I'd like to share some photo's with you all of Marley's first 11 months before I share some birthday photo's with you...

Here he is meeting is big brother for the first time on the day he was born 09/07/2014

Already looking cheeky at just 1 month old

Already full of smiles at 2 months old
3 months old - a little devil in the making on his 1st Halloween
Full of personality at 4 months old
This cheeky little elf's 1st Christmas at 5 months old

1st driving lesson at 6 months :P
1st family holiday at 7 months
Looking all grown up eating finger foods out & about at 8 months
Little smarty pants gets the hang of putting balls in and taking them out at just 9 months
There's not stopping him at 10 months

Enjoying summer at 11 months

Quite an eventful 11 months leading up to his first birthday. He's doing exceptionally well. He was so strong, even as a newborn - wanting to lift that little head and he could as well, his neck muscles were so strong. He was smiling from 2 months old. Wanting to sit up at 3 months old (but needing lots of support). By 6 months old, he was sitting mostly unsupported. And his personality was really beginning to show already. Such a cheeky little devil. At 9 months, he was sitting up, beginning to crawl, cut his first 2 teeth at once (bottom front), playing hide & seek, able to put balls into his toy and take them out again. Really doing exceptionally well.

We started weaning him at 4 months as he seemed more than ready for food, and he took to it so naturally, started feeding from a spoon right away and doing really well. However, at about 7 months, he started to show signs of teething, always chewing down on stuff (even though his teeth did not appear until he was 9 months) and he gradually started to go off his milk. Refusing it more and more which was problematic, but we had to start giving it to him with baby porridge etc. to get him to have it. Once his teeth began to cut, he decisively did want want milk full stop, so we always had to try and give him his daily milk requirement in the form of baby porridge or similar. I made him rice pudding a lot which helped too. He still hates milk now, he has normal cows milk now, but he still won't just drink some. So he has it on his weetabix, eats plenty of yoghurt and cheese to get his calcium. When he stopped wanting his milk, we felt quite distraught, not knowing how to get him to have what he needed, but we just had to look at other ways of getting him to have some. I'm not sure we always managed to get him as much as he needed in a day, but all we could do was try. It helped once he could have yoghurts and cheese aplenty. He loves cheese triangles and cheese spread on bread. And loves fromage frais which is quite fortunate. Plus, rather bizarrely, he doesn't mind drinking milk leftover from his cereal, just not on its own from a cup!

He has quite the personality now. He's so cute. He's always dancing, loves his music. He loves playing hide & seek. And joining in the actions with nursery rhymes. He loves tickles. Laughs his little head off! He's also a bit of a monster too, he loves you to say ouch and achieves this by pulling or biting your nose, pulling your hair or pinching your skin. We're really trying to discourage the biting and pinching in particular! I don't want him to think it's OK to do and it bloody well hurts a lot! He's also a typical boy, often enjoying wobbling Mummy's boobies like they are jellies! Hmmmm :/

He's also a bit like the incredible hulk... He is so unbelievably strong for toddler and has been for quite some time. When he's angry, he is more than capable of knocking something from your hand in protest, no matter how tight a grip you have on it. He also throws balls and other toys (even less light ones) at least half way across the living room (and we have quite a big living room)! He also pulls off his dummy holders - he has two different types - one with a plastic round clip on bit which he pulls off (without opening) and the other with a very strong metal clasp which he also pulls off! Sometimes I expect him to turn green and burst out of his clothes!!

Now, onto his first birthday - 1 year old already! I'm pretty sure he had no idea what was going on, but didn't mind being lavished with attention from everyone and getting lots of presents. You'll never guess what the best bit was though... The wrapping paper! He was more interested in playing with that than the contents! Here are some birthday present photo's...

Push and go car from big brother David (as well as a singing nursery rhyme book and some weebles)

Some clothes from Auntie Latisha

Some clothes from Auntie Yasmin

Clothes from Carol (my Mum's best friend)

Walker & clothes from Grandma (my Mum)

Ball pit from Mummy & Daddy (as well as baby swimming pool, books and a rocking horse)

LFC kit from Granny & Grandad (Paul's Parents - as well as a toddler slide)

As you can see, he was lavished with gifts. And he loved every minute of it. He loves Baby TV on Sky and his favourite programme is Charlie & The Numbers, so I made him a birthday cake of the Number 1 and a little Charlie. Strawberry sponge cake, filled with fresh cream and fresh strawberry slices. I'm no cake artist, but I'm impressed with my effort (bare in mind, it's only the 4th time I've ever made an elaborate, designed cake):

Marley likes cake, he really likes cake! He seemed to enjoy trifle too! And cheesy sandwich bites went down a treat too. I can't believe I forgot to take a photo of him digging into his cake!! I did, however, take one of him with his cake (he didn't get the hang of blowing out the candle, so big brother gave him some help):

Marley enjoyed his 1st Birthday and his Charlie & The Numbers cake!

He enjoyed it, but I think he was a little overwhelmed as well. And totally knackered, he didn't have a nap all day (as everything was just far too interesting) and was so worked up by the end of the day as he was so worn out. Now we have more milestones to look forward too. He's just cut one of his top front teeth and the one next to it looks like it's about to as well, I feel so sorry for him, he seems to get teeth through in twos - twice the pain at once :( Also, he's getting good with his balance on his feet, so I shouldn't think it'll be too long before he's walking around (and falling on his bum a lot!). He also has the most amazing co-ordination - one of his little birthday ballons, David throws it to him and 9/10 times, he actually catches it!! He also manages to grab at (and hold on to) moving targets!! When you hold his hands and walk around with him, he finds anything he can to kick and he does that really well too - something tells me we have a mini footballer in the making!

Anyway, I hope you've all enjoyed reading about my little man and his first year of learning and adventure! I'll try and post a little more frequently if I can find the time ;)


  1. Ahh, such lovely pictures! It's so nice to see Marley with his caring big brother. You are VERY lucky!

  2. Time sure flies doesn't it! My oldest is 15 now and it seems like only yesterday she was a tiny newborn! Your boys are lovely :) xx

  3. Wow, so you didn't know you were pregnant until you gave birth? That's amazing!

    1. No, I had no idea - have a read of my original post: