Wednesday 19 August 2015

RANT: Children's Clothing Sexism (YB)

Having two sons, I hope I'm not the only parent who has noticed sexism with children's clothing ranges in shops?

My eldest is 12 and he picks his own clothes nowadays, but he has commented on it too. I had the problem when he was little and now with little man who is 1.

No matter what shop you go in, there are always stacks and stacks of girls clothing and yet very limited amounts of boys clothing.

Now, I realise that girls have skirts, dresses, trousers & shorts and that boys only have trousers & shorts, but that's no excuse.

The lack of imagination in terms of variation, styles, colours etc. is absolutely unbelievable. Not just with the trousers & shorts, but with the t-shirts & shirts too.

It makes me so frustrated that there is such an amazing range for girls, yet barely anything for boys. Boys exist too! Boys want nice clothes and variety too!

Most shops even have a larger selection of girls nightwear than boys! Why can't there be an equal amount of both boys AND girls clothing?!


  1. as a mum of 5 with 2 boys and 3 girls i found the same problem as mine were growing up

  2. yes I've noticed this too. Today I tried to look at the very small sale selection of boys clothes labelled 9-12 yrs, which filled less than 30 cm rail, only to find half of it was girls skirts in the wrong place anyhow

  3. I think it's the same for both girls and boys - the sexism not the amount of clothes, having both a girls and a boy, the girls clothes are all too frilly and pink not enough sharp colours reds/purples/greens and blues and the boys clothes there just not enough and far too many blue/green check shirts... i really wish there was more choice all round

  4. I noticed after my sons hit about 2 1/2 there are no lovely clothes that make you go oo yes I need to get that!!