Friday 17 February 2017

COMPING: Win Prizes & Get Fit With Snatch! (YB)

 I've just come across a fab new app that's perfect for us compers!

And maybe an even bigger bonus if you're a fan of the Pokemon Go and fitness!

Snatch is a fab app I've just come across that let's you walk around whenever you're out & about (or you could go out just to do this!) and collect virtual parcels.

You have to try and keep hold of your parcels for 6 hours - if you manage to keep hold of them without another nearby member snatching it off you, then you get to open it - the boxes contain prizes - anything from the in-game coins which help you get & keep hold of parcels to things like flights, cash, games consoles and more!made

It's a similar idea to Pokemon Go, except instead of catching virtual made up pet-like creatures, you're getting parcels which might contain amazing prizes!

Not to forget the potential health benefits... An excuse to get you out of the house and on the move - you'll be getting fit as you walk around finding parcels and trying to snatch other peoples parcels!

You can buy coins in games that give you benefits - you can use them to snatch other peoples parcels,  you can use them to defend your own parcels from being snatched, you can make yourself invisible from people trying to snatch parcels and so on and so forth...

If you like the sound of it and want to give it a go, why not download the app on your phone and please use my referral code (CTM1XW) as then I will get some free coins to use in game.

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