Friday 14 April 2017

BLOG: A New Era - My Random Family Blurb (YB)

For my regular readers, you may now have noticed it hasn't just been me blogging anymore.

I've now renamed the blog My Random Family Blurb (instead of My Random Blurb), however the domain name remains the same - - the difference being, it is not just me blogging on here anymore.

My Random Blurb has now become My Random Family Blurb...

After almost 8 years of blogging, I decided to make the blog into a family blog, so now my husband, Paul aged 36, son David, aged 14 and my sisters Yasmin, aged 23 & Latisha, aged 15 will also be blogging on here. Making for a much broader set of posts & reviews.

Since the arrival of little man in July 2014, I've not had as much time as I'd like to blog, so sadly, there have not been so many posts, but that is about to change. I've got a few reviews, competitions and regular posts lined up very soon.

Whenever you see a post now, the title will end with the initials of the writer:
(YB) will be my posts
(PB) will be posts by Paul
(DXB) will be posts by David
(YE) will be posts by Yasmin
(LME) will be posts by Latisha

Meet our family of bloggers and choose who you want to do a review (if you're not sure who to approach for a review, just e-mail here to the main blog account & I'll decide)...

     YVONNE (me)

I am Yvonne, 34, from Liverpool. I am a Mum of 2 boys - David aged 14 and Marley aged 2 years. I enjoy writing which is why I started this blog back in May 2009. I also like writing poetry and short stories and would like to write a novel one day when I have the time. My other interests are entering competitions, watching TV (particularly sci-fi, drama and comedies), listening to music (I like all sorts - 60s, 70s, reggae, glam rock etc.), lifelong fan of Liverpool FC (sadly never been to a match!), love horse racing, bingo, board games, puzzles, all things to do with Ancient Egypt, boxing, badminton, travelling, eating out, cooking, grow your own gardening, days out, going to the cinema, and loads more! But the most important of all to me is my family.

For reviews, please e-mail me

    PAUL (husband)

Here is an introduction from Paul...

"I am Paul originally from Hampshire, I met Yvonne nearly 18 years ago and moved to Liverpool. I am a dad of a 2½ year old monster and a 14 year old horror. I don't know which is worse. I like messing with computers (Yvonne tells me I am a geek). I like it when things don't work as they should as it's interesting to fix things. I like music (rock 'n roll, 60's, punk, metal and more). I like telly (sci-fi, horror and drama). I enjoy cycling and walking. I listen to a lot of audio books and audio drama, again mostly sci-fi, horror, fantasy and mystery. It's a great hobby that makes housework bearable and travelling fun. Reading books is good; mostly sci-fi, horror & fantasy [There is a bit of a theme going on isn't there!]. I like peace and quiet... not that I remember what that is."

For reviews, e-mail him

    DAVID (son)

Here is an introduction from David...

"Hi! I'm David, 14 from Liverpool. I'm going to college in September and my main course will be Hospitality & Catering as I want to be a chef. I enjoy cooking, food, gaming, watching Netflix and NOW TV, listening to top 40 music & 90s music, chocolate, technology, cinema, mountain biking and tennis. I like wolves and foxes. I'm interested in men's fashion & footwear. I support Liverpool FC, but I've only ever been to 2 matches. I also like going to rugby matches."

For reviews, e-mail him

     YASMIN (sister)

Here is an introduction from Yasmin...

For reviews, e-mail her

  LATISHA (sister)

Here is an introduction from Latisha...

For reviews, e-mail her

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