Wednesday 12 April 2017

REVIEW & COMPETITION: Bob The Builder: Dig This DVD (YB)

I was sent a copy of the new Bob The Builder: Dig This DVD to review 🔨

Bob is back! With tools at the ready, the nation’s favourite builder returns with a new DVD collection of tales of teamwork and friendship “Bob the Builder – Dig This”, released by Abbey Home Media on Monday 17th April.
Grab your tool belt and hardhat and join Bob and his team as they construct projects using a foundation of determination and working together. With his business partner Wendy, apprentice builder Leo, and a team of machines, Bob is ready to get to work in Fixham and Spring City.
This team digs into any project, hammering out solutions to problems, all while building confidence along the way. No project is too big or too small – from fixing a leaky roof to repairing a skyscraper. After all, the fun is in getting it done!
In Dig This, Team Bob are digging the foundations for a skyscraper in Spring City’s new business zone, but work has to stop when they come across some ancient Roman ruins. 
This new collection features seven fun episodes: Dig This; Saffi’s Treehouse; Out of the Woods; Stormy Weather; Bear Mountain; Bentley’s Bones and Home on the Range.

My little man loves Bob The Builder, so when I was offered the opportunity to review the new DVD, I knew he'd be excited!

The DVD has 7 episodes - Dig This, Saffi's Treehouse, Out Of The Woods, Stormy Weather, Bear Mountain, Bentley's Bones and Home On The Range. That's approximately 77 minutes of exciting fun!

Bob The Builder has changed a lot! I remember watching it with David when he was little (he's 14 now) and it's changed so much since I last saw it!

Marley had previously watched Bob The Builder on his iPad having a little down time, so I'd not really paid much attention to it, because as I'm sure most parents would agree, you end up seeing so much kids telly, it's nice to switch off from it when you can!

But with it being on DVD and therefore on the main TV 📺, I saw it properly for the first time and it really has changed so much over the years. David complains that's it's different, but that's because he's nostalgic about how it was when he was little 😜

Being obsessed with dinosaurs, Marley loves the episode where they  have finished building, but need to fit a complete dinosaur skeleton in, but they have the wrong measurements and take the dinosaur apart! Then they're stuck on how to put it back together, until Bob realises there's a photo of it before it was taken apart and they use it to put the dinosaur skeleton back together like a jigsaw!

He loved all of the episodes and enjoyed watching Bob and his team on all their jobs!

The characters are fun, colourful and exciting. Children will love it!

Bob The Builder: Dig This is available on DVD from Monday 17th April 2017!

I've kindly been allowed to run a competition to offer a copy of the DVD to one of my very lucky readers for their little Bob The Builder fan! If you'd like to enter, just follow the steps in the Gleam app below to enter. 

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- Open to UK residents, aged 18+
- Closing date 23:59 30/04/2017
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  1. I like Bob the Builder best with Scoop being a close second.

  2. christine shelley15 April 2017 at 16:50

    We like Scoop

  3. Bob of course! There would be no show without him x

  4. My son loves Bob! he wants to be a builder x

  5. We like Wendy. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  6. Scoop! That's all I hear from him lol.

  7. Scoop is the favourite in our house

  8. My little fella likes Lofty. x

  9. Grandchildren are huge fans of Bob,

  10. My daughter's favourite character is Bob but she also likes Scoop

  11. Lofty is my daughter's favourite :)