Sunday 21 October 2018

FAMILY: Baking Thomas Cupcakes (YB)

Today, I did a bit of cheats baking with Marley (cheats because it was the cupcake kit out of a box rather than from scratch)...

Marley picked the Thomas and Friends cupcakes when we went shopping in the week for us to make together at the weekend.

He used to be a nightmare baking together not so very long ago, because his attention span is so short and he can barely keep still, that hasn't really changed, but he enjoys doing it now, and therefore it manages to hold his attention, I think the reward at the end is the thing that makes it most worthwhile seeing it through for him!

He put all the cases in the baking tray...

He did a really good job of (extremely enthusiastically!) whisking up the ingredients. He managed to put the ingredients in himself, including cracking the egg (and he didn't even get any shell in it!).

With a little help from me to scrape the spoon, he spooned all the mixture into the cases.

When they were cooked, we left them to cool and then Marley had loads of fun decorating them!

And these were his finished cupcakes...

We made them this morning, so we actually enjoyed them after our Sunday roast dinner (what some people call lunch - strange!).

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