Wednesday 10 October 2018

REVIEW: Percol Iced Coffees (YB)

I was sent some samples of the new Percol Iced Coffee range to review...

First of all, I tried the Protein Latte. It contains 18g of protein is 100% organic Arabica. I'd have to say, being called Protein Latte, it had me a bit worried about the taste. A lot of products promoted as being a protein product, often disappoint on taste/texture. So, I was pleasantly surprised at this one tasting quite nice. I love iced coffee, but I am very fussy as to what I like and this was nice, just the right amount of sweetness too. It was surprisingly thick to drink though, which is maybe a downside for me as I like my iced coffee to be like a normal cup of coffee but it had more of a milkshake consistency. Overall, I did enjoy it though, it tasted nice, was sweet enough and a good size serving.

I then tried the Flat White. I absolutely LOVE this! Really, really love it! Again, it's 100% organic Arabica. It tastes divine and I will definitely buy this again. I love iced coffee in the summer or out and about in general. This one has the perfect mix of everything - quite a strong coffee, but with milk and just sweet enough. The taste and texture make for a great iced coffee. I've had other iced coffees and this is definitely a favourite!

Well, I'm already loving this, but other than the great taste, I must point out that this contains organic coffee, organic milk and organic sugar meaning it was farmed without artificial fertilisers and chemical pesticides - better for the environment, better for animals and insects and better for us! It is also a Fairtrade product, so ethical through and through. The 'cartocan' it comes in is 100% recyclable and at least 30% more eco-friendly than aluminium cans.

The iced coffees are available at most supermarkets. Visit the Percol website: or visit them on Facebook or Twitter.


  1. I've never been a Fan of Coffee for some reason

  2. I love the packaging. Not just the eco-friendly factor but the design. Could stick this in my handbag and get my caffeine fix on the go. Will defo give this a try x