Thursday 16 June 2011

REVIEW: B_E_E Dishwash Liquid

I received the new B_E_E Dishwash Liquid to try out and review...

I was a little confused at first as the label calls it "dishwash liquid" so I was thinking for the dishwasher... but it's not it is for washing manually.

After being used to overpowering citrus or various other soapy smelling fruit concoctions, it was nice to open the bottle and get a simple but appealing cleanliness smell. It simply smelt like it would clean stuff.

The packaging was easy to grip even with slippery wet hands. It was a little more viscous than other washing up liquids I have used and came out the bottle nicely with just a little squeeze. It made plenty of bubbles. Plates, cups and pans were as easy to clean as with other washing up liquids. It dealt with greasy frying pans and plates after greasy food with no problems. Glasses came out shiny and sparkling. After using it my hands felt quite good. 

The product contains South Pacific kawakawa which they say looks after your skin; also it contains essential oil of rosemary and spearmint. The cleaning agents are made from natural ingredients which is a refreshing change, these include coconut and sugar! Overall B_E_E Dishwash Liquid has been designed with the environment in mind as well as caring for your hands and there seemed to be no compromise in it's cleaning power. The bottle and label are recyclable and the product has not been tested on animals.

For more information, visit RRP £3.95.

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