Sunday 26 June 2011

REVIEW: Munchy Seeds

I received a selection of the new Munchy Seeds to review...

To be honest, I'm quite a fussy eater and seeds have never appealed to me, so I would not ordinarily have ever gone out and bought them. I eat sesame seeds on a burger bun, or the seeds in certain types of bread, but never on their own. But here's what I thought of the ones I received to review.

Omega Sprinkle
Savoury roasted sunflower, pumpkin, hemp, sesame, rape, linseed and flax seeds.
These are a lovely combination of a variety of seeds. Eating seeds makes me feel like a bird, I must say, but they actually are far more appetising than they appear to be. They are a good combination that work well together and they have a nice taste to them, and much to my surprise, they also have a good texture too. At 153 calories however, considering I am on a diet, they are quite calorific for a 25g packet. These ones contain Omega 3 and vitamin E, so you can rest assured they are good for you overall, however. They are also high in fibre and protein, are a good source of zinc and are free from artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives. They are also suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs.

Chilli Mix
Dry roasted sunflower & pumpkin seed with crushed chillies and a dash of savoury sauce.
These were by far my favourite - if you're a fan of spicy food as I am, then you too will really enjoy these. They are very nicely flavoured and deliciously fiery too. Again, the seed combination works well together and the taste and texture are a real delight to the tastebuds. Again, at 151 calories per 25g packet, they are a little heavy in the calories for someone who is on a diet like myself. These ones contain Omega 6 and 9. They are free from artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives, have low GI and are suitable for coeliacs, vegetarians and vegans.

Vanilla Pumpkin
Sweet roasted pumpkin seeds with a vanilla flavoured dusting.
I didn't like these ones at all - I really didn't feel the sweet flavour of the vanilla worked well with the seeds  and I really didn't like the taste of them in the slightest. I'm normally a fan of sweet things, but this just didn't work for me. At 135 calories, these were probably the best of the four I received for a dieter. They are high in fibre and protein, are a good source of iron and zinc and are free from artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives. They are suitable for vegans, vegetarians and coeliacs.

Pumpkin Mix
Savoury roasted 3 seed blend (pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seed).
I enjoyed these too - I thought it was a great combination of seeds and a delicious savoury taste. Both the taste and texture were perfect and I liked them a lot. 

Munchy Seeds are a small family company based in Suffolk.  Through their passion for “mindful munching” they take pride in developing high quality, delicious nutritional snacks.  They have been roasting high grade seeds with a variety of savoury and sweet coatings for over 12 years.

Munchy Seeds are available in a variety of flavours to suit everyone:
Omega Mix – Savoury roasted 7 seed blend (pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, linseed, flax, hulled hemp and rape seeds)Pumpkin Mix – Savoury roasted 3 seed blend (pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds)Chilli Mix – Hot savoury roasted 3 seed blend (Apricot kernels, Pumpkin and sunflower seeds)Vanilla – Sweet roasted pumpkin seeds dusted in vanilla icing sugarMunchy Granola –Roasted oats, seeds, sultanas and orange zest drizzled with honey and maple syrup.Original – savoury roasted 2 seed blend (sunflower and sesame seeds)Choccy Seeds - nutritious chocolatey mix of sunflower and pumpkin seeds with pieces of dried apricot, enrobed in luxurious quality Belgian milk and dark chocolate

Available in 30g snack pack size sachets, 200g tubs or 500g tubs. Free from Gluten, Cholesterol and artificial colours and flavourings.  Suitable for Vegetarians and Coeliacs.

You can find them on twitter and on Facebook by searching for “Munchy Seeds”, plus at lots of shows across the country throughout the year.

Stockists of these Munchy Seeds include Tesco Extra stores, Booths, Waitrose and Lakeland stores nationwide, plus  are available to buy directly via or by calling 01728 833004.

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