Sunday 26 June 2011

REVIEW: Sudocrem Skin Care Cream

I received a sample of the new Sudocrem Skin Care Cream to review...

Firstly, I must say I was astounded to find that Sudocrem made this - when I think of Sudocrem, I think of the cream that's for nappy rash and minor burns and grazes and things. I had no idea they made a skin care range, but having used Sudocrem cream for many years and been pleased with it, I was very curious about trying the Skin Care Cream.

Having given it a go, I found it helped soothe my skin. I have very spot prone skin, especially on my face and I found using this was very soothing.

My skin is also very dry, and I noticed my skin felt a lot softer to touch after using it which surprised me as I have never managed to find a product prior to this that has worked on my dry, spotty facial skin.

The cream is quick and easy to use. And the tube is small, so it is very transportable. The cream smells very alike the normal Sudocrem cream. I guess I was expecting it to smell different for some reason, but it didn't.

Apparently, Cheryl Cole swears by using this as part of her skin care regime, so it obviously *does what it says on the tin* or rather tube, as celebs have so much money, they wouldn't buy just anything. Other celebrities such as Amanda Holden, Kimberley Walsh and Martine McCutcheon are using it too.

The cream is very versatile, working well on dry skin and spotty skin, but you can also carry it around during the summer and use it on sun burnt skin, if you are prone to getting sun burnt (fortunately I am not).

The Sudocrem Skin Care Cream comes in a small, easily transportable 30g tube. It is something that you can use as often as you need it. It soothes irritations by forming a barrier to keep moisture in and damaging pollutants out.

Sudocrem Skin Care Cream retails at £2.11 for a 30g tube and is available from pharmacies and major retailers nationwide.

Below is an interesting feature based on a study from Sudocrem. 

Women flying the British bag for 2012

A recent study by Sudocrem found that women around the UK are choosing English designers over their once preferred European rivals.

Debbie Percy creator of Handbag Therapy, teamed up with Sudocrem to give UK women the chance to send in a picture of their handbag and its contents, and find out what their bag revealed about them.

The results showed that women were “flying the flag for England” with over half owning handbags by British designer labels, in particular Osprey London, Anya Hindmarch and Burberry.

It appears that the savvy British women are looking to promote our homegrown talent with vintage influences over our European counterparts such as Gucci and Dior.

“I was awash with British designer handbags”, says Debbie Percy, “and all the better for it, handbag therapy gives women the chance to identify their hidden talents which can then be built upon with life coaching to create a more confident and successful woman. These women are clearly proud of their local designers.”

Kate and Pippa Middleton are the new style icons hot to the British fashion scene. Last month, 26.2million of us watched in anticipation as Kate unveiled her wedding gown, which was delicately made by British label Alexander McQueen designer Sarah Burton.

With British designers winning their way to the top of the fashion stakes, it is no wonder that UK women flaunt their British bags with pride.

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