Monday 7 November 2011

REVIEW: Tefal Sensorielle Frying Pan

I was recently sent one of the brand new range of frying pans from Tefal to review - the Tefal Sensorielle...

We currently have 2 older Tefal frying pans and they have been fantastic - our frying pans prior to buying those were rubbish as everything always stuck to them, so I was equally looking forward to trying out the new Sensorielle.

The other day, I decided to try out the Sensorielle for cooking up my ingredients for chicken fajitas.

Firstly, the appearance of the pan - well it's a good design, great size and best of all, nice and deep - no ending up accidentally flicking food out of the frying pan when trying to turn over your food during frying. The handle (the "curved comfort handle" which is oven safe up to 180°C) is in a strange place compared to what I am used to, but I come to find that it was actually well placed and made for comfort and ease of use. 

These new Sensorielle pans are defined as their toughest yet. They have an Intensium coating, which is "an extra hard mineral base layer which is fused to the other layers, including a visible holographic layer. Intensium provides the ultimate scratch-resistant surface, designed to withstand the most rigorous use and even resistant when using metal utensils."

Their "Ultimium" non-stick coating comes with a lifetime guarantee, which protects against blistering and peeling.

The red ring (the "Thermospot") in the centre of the frying is brilliant - it lets you know when your pan is at the correct temperature - no more guesswork!

This new pan is also fantastic as you don't even have to use oil - it is made in such a resilient way, that it is not needed and your food still won't stick. I must admit, I was a little skeptical about this, but having tried it, I can confirm it works - an easy way to make healthier meals.

I always use a metal fish slice for flipping over food in the frying pan and I was surprised to see that it didn't leave lots of scratches behind too - I prefer using metal to wooden utensils, but often find the frying pan gets damaged very easily, so I've so far been pleasantly surprised with the new Sensorielle frying pans resilience.

Another feature part of this new Sensorielle range is the fantastic anti-warp base "which makes each pan resistant to thermal shocks.The copper particles in the base make Sensorielle pans extremely effective at heat diffusion, distributing heat evenly throughout the food and preventing hot spots" - no more of your food getting cooked one side of the pan, but not so well on the other!

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