Monday 21 November 2011

REVIEW: B.I.G. Power Hand

The lovely people over at sent me the new B.I.G. Power Hand to review with my 9 year old son, David.

From a personal point of view, when I first saw this, I thought to myself "this isn't going to be something that'll last", because nowadays, you get used to toys needing batteries or video games, and this is neither of those. I had my doubts as to whether this would be something David would enjoy.

But in its simplicity, it is also entertaining and good fun. David enjoyed trying it out. The leaflet that came with it had some challenges, such as being able to pick stuff up with the hand and being able to switch the light on and off and David found this to be lots of fun. On top of that, he just loves having a great big hand!

Well, what is it, you ask... Well, basically it's a great big hand - it has a glove attached to the inside which your child puts his/her hand into and allows them to control movement of the giant fingers, almost as though they are their own.

While this doesn't make sounds and nor does it shine, sparkle, play music or anything like that, it does keep kids entertained for quite some time.

David loved the challenges and trying to perfect them. You know the pick up machines with the teddies in at the funfair? Well, David loves using that hand as a pick up thing and trying to pick up and 'win' his toys. Like I said previously, this provided him with a surprising amount of entertainment and I'm sure he is going to enjoy it for a long time yet.

You can see David's reactions and thoughts in the video review above and see for yourself how much fun he has with it.

I've given David's rating below. I've also given my rating as a parent based on value, entertainment and giftability (yes, I made up the last one!).

CHILD RATING - 10/10 - lots of fun!
ADULT RATING - 8/10 - hours of fun, limited only by your child's imagination!

You can find out more about the B.I.G. Power Hand and the B.I.G. hands that are available at the B.I.G. Power Hand website. They are available to buy at most good toy stores such as Smyths & Toys R Us and also from places such as Amazon and Argos and retail  at approximately £29.99. They are sure to be a hit this Christmas!

You can buy addons too such as armour, they are also available in different styles & colours and in left or right hands.

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