Monday 5 November 2012

Created By Extraterrestrials (YB)

I think we were created by extraterrestrials...

eople have very different ideas about where life on Earth came from. From the big bang theory to God creating man, my theory is a little different however...

What if we were an experiment by an alien race? A lot of people are so naive as to think that in this vast universe, amongst the many galaxies, that we are the only intelligent lifeforms. Stop kidding yourselves. If we are here, there are other intelligent lifeforms about, and some of them have to be a lot older and a lot more advanced than we are.

We were either created by aliens who just wanted something to do or maybe as some sort of experiment, but nonetheless, I believe extraterrestrial beings made us.

There are lots of abduction stories - some are obviously faked, but some are hard to refute. And if so, what if it is just the beings that made us coming back to see how we are progressing and alter us where they feel necessary.

Now, I'm guessing most people would see this as a violation of ones self, because we are intelligent beings. But we use even intelligent animals to experiment as we believe we are more intelligent than them so it's our right, so if they are way more intelligent than us, then maybe they believe they have the right to experiment on us in the same way.

Now, I've heard the big bang theory and how life on Earth developed from thereon, but I do not find that a plausible explanation - I think people that questioned the word of the Bible, simply ended up coming up with this as an alternative scenario.

As for God, and one man who made Heaven and Earth (and all things on it) in 7 days seem rather far-fetched? I mean one person apparently did all of this? He'd either have to be more super than Superman or a major magician to have worked that miracle. Besides, I think most people who believe in God, see him as a celestial being. Celestial - man of the stars? In which case, does that not in itself make God an extraterrestrial?

I think a group of extraterrestrial scientists came up with the idea of our creation. And that we did not evolve from apes, cavemen or neanderthals and instead they saw flaws in them and developed their genetic make-up until they reached us? And they are still working on making better humans - if you ask me they have a long way to go before they get it right...


  1. Im with you, I firmly believe that we are a toy, a play thing for a child of a species much more intelligent than us. How did the Egypts build pyramids? or primitive man realise that if you melt varying amounts of 2 different metals at a certain temperature they will become something else? They had to have had help

  2. Interesting theory Yvonne. There's a lot of this life we don't know and never will. Hopefully when we die we find out - there has got to be more to life than this hasn't there? XOXO