Sunday 25 November 2012

COMPING: Twitaculous For Twitter Competitions (YB)

Have you heard of Twitaculous yet? If not, get yourself over to and read on to find out more about it...

Well, even if you have heard of it, something you may not know is that it is made by my husband, Paul. I had not wanted to publicly let everyone know right away as both I and Paul wanted people to come to an unbiased opinion about it.

Paul does coding/programming, whatever you want to call it and I suggested a while back to him that he should make something like this. But it wasn't until a few months back that he actually decided to make it.

Twitaculous lists Twitter competitions and makes it easy for you to see all the competitions on Twitter and retweet them straight from the Twitaculous website. You can also enter competitions that require you to post an answer to enter and also competitions that also require you to 'like' their Facebook page to enter too. And, did I mention it is a FREE to use service?

It also tells you when you last retweeted the competition and how many times in total you have retweeted so you can keep track of how often you have retweeted. It also tells you which competitions are limited to one retweet only so that you do not get disqualified from the competition.

He has had some excellent feedback from companies regarding the site and service offered and companies are happy for him to be listing the competitions, meaning you can rest safely in the knowledge that companies won't get annoyed with you for entering the competitions through the Twitaculous website.

Other features include the ability to hide tweets that you don't want to see again (competitions that you don't want to enter or that only allow you to enter once for example), add competitions to your favourites (so that you don't forget to retweet regularly) and the you can see when a competition ends and sort them by time ending.

You will find UK competitions, you can rest safely in the knowledge that you won't be entering competitions from outside the UK and that way you know if you win, you will get your prize (other sites do not seem to check their listings and often post US competitions that aren't open to the UK).

Any of my friends will know that I am excellent at finding Twitter competitions and I share all of the ones I find with Paul to post on Twitaculous, so if you know how many I find and enter, you will know it is well worthwhile going on Twitaculous to enter them as there are a lot.

Paul updates the site several times daily with new competitions as well. You can find the Twitaculous Facebook page at and the Twitaculous Twitter account at

Paul is working on new features too, such as the ability to see who you are following and when they last tweeted, enabling you to quickly unfollow those who are no longer active.

Whilst Paul isn't a comper like me (though he does enter some competitions irregularly), he is dedicated to this site and with my help I think it could be something very useful for all of us compers. If you haven't tried it out, please give it a go and do let us know what you think (comment on here and I will pass on the messages to Paul).


  1. Oh wow well done Paul :) i use this site and its excellent, so easy to use and i love all the features it has xx

  2. I have given this a try and it is great so far!! So simple to use and i will be using it everyday!! Well done to your hubby :)

  3. Just came across this blog. I work in social media and found this very useful to see what competitions are happening online and also to see what competitors are up to! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Oh that's absolutely brilliant! Well done Paul, and thanks for letting us know about it Yvonne! I hope it's a success :-) Will go and check it out now :-)

  5. Hi Yvonne. I've been using Twitaculous for quite a bit now. I think it's brilliant! So quick and easy to use with LOTS of useful features, like hiding the comps that you're not interested in. Also, tweeting a comp listed by the time remaining. Plus, the extra effort one's where a comment is needed etc. and the 'once only' entry. I think it's a genius idea regarding the followers who have been inactive so that you know that you can unfollow them. I really hope you continue to get good feedback so that you continue to provide all of us lucky compers with a fabulous service. Keep up the good work Paul!

  6. Hi Yvonne & Paul,
    Really Really clever, well done - hope it works out for you!

  7. I found twitaculous a while ago, thought it was great, then promptly forgot the name of it and have been searching for it since!
    Thanks for bringing it back to my attention, I've bookmarked it now, and Thanks to Paul for developing it.

  8. Wow Yvonne such a fab idea - have bookmarked it! xoxo