Wednesday 7 November 2012

Where Is Technology Really At?

It never fails to surprise how naive people are in believing that technology is really at the level it appears to be?

For example, some people would choose to use Freenet in the belief that they can do it free from prying eyes, such as the government - they believe it is somewhere you can really have freedom of speech, but I would have to argue that the government is way, way ahead of the technology available to consumers, though they wouldn't make it known for obvious reasons, and therefore if they want to know what you're up to, they will find out regardless.

Freenet is a de-centralised network of computers that people can connect to and access and publish websites and stuff anonymously, or so their users believe...

What if Freenet was set up by the governments to catch out those saying stuff they don't like and keep an eye on them? What a perfect idea that would be - make it sound like it's safe, but really, it's the first place they look to find threats. I guess they'd just ignore people they thought were just "nuts" or conspiracy theorists (so long as they felt they posed no threat).

When you think about technology, aren't you surprised things haven't progressed a lot further since the first flickers of technology? I mean, we have gone a long way, but I believe, realistically that we should be far further progressed than we are.


  1. definately worth thinking about

  2. i think its going to far at times

  3. I think we are much further... just not accessible to the public