Tuesday 1 June 2021

It's Good To Be Back! (YB)

It's been a while and a lot has changed since I was last active and posting on the blog!

So here is a quick post just to say hi again and let you know about some changes...

First major thing that has happened since I last posted is that we are now a family of five with our newest member, Miguel being born on 11th August 2019... 👶🏽

And then we hit March 2020 and something absolutely nobody expected - a global pandemic - the world became a ghost town with empty streets, barely any traffic, people stockpiling in the supermarkets, shelves becoming Barber and hospitalisations soaring and along with that deaths. Out of the blue, life was thrown into a movie-like surreal existence. Coronavirus had forced the world into a new normal ☠️

Mid-way through the year, after a significant lockdown, cases began to drop, as did hospitalisations and deaths, but things were far from normal. Finally the government were recommemding that people wore masks and social distanced - something scientists had been saying for months 😷

So although things slowly opened, nothing was quite the same. And some people really did not want to adapt (and still don't), instead choosing to bury their heads in the sand and pretend it wasn't real, much like if there's a lion in front of you, close your eyes and it'll go away 🙄

One major change for me during that time, was I took Marley out or school in March, before the government sent all children home as I deemed it unsafe. The plan was that we'd send him back when things were back to normal. But the more time passed, it became obvious that wasn't happening anytime soon, especially with a totally inept government at the elm. They sent  children back to school in September, despite significant rises in cases prior to that, promising parents children were safe, despite poor ventilation, no masks, and massive bubbles with  barely any (if any at all) social distancing despite the fact that it had been found that although children didn't often get seriously ill from it, some children got seriously ill, some children died, some children suffered later with something closely resembling kawasaki disease 😵

Then it was found more and more adults were suffering from long covid. Then it was discovered that children also suffered from long covid, yet still nothing was done to make schools safer. But the government made school compulsory again, even if the child had an underlying health condition or lived with someone who did. I did not send Marley back 🤒

In November, after being constantly harassed by the school and education welfare, we made the decision to switch to home education, which has proved very successful and Marley is a much happier little boy overall. It's definitely not like you might imagine it to be when someone says it! I'll be sharing more about our home education journey in future posts 👨🏽‍🎓

The pandemic continued. Our country one of the worst hit due to severely poor management by the government. Lockdowns recurred. Vaccines were quickly developed, but it is still far from over despite what the government would have you believe. The scientists strongly disagree but the government only care about money, not lives 💸

The virus has mutated many times and new variants are all too often found. And now, because of the government, most people here in the UK are acting like the pandemic is over 😫

On a lighter note, last September was David's 18th Birthday - I'm Mum to an adult (in age at least)! It wasn't really the birthday he had planned or would've liked but with lockdowns and the situation, we did the best we could, the safest we could. We took him for a birthday meal at the most Covid safe restaurant we could find - Chung Ku 🍜🎂

So, that's pretty much what's been happening while I was having a break from blogging... 

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