Friday 18 June 2021

Our 1st Home Ed Group - Pony Lessons - Lesson 1 (YB)

I've been reluctant to do anything out of the home with Marley that involved meeting/being around other people. 

But I set up a local home education group on Facebook to try and set up some group sessions as I wanted Marley to have that experience and make new friends.

I also wanted to have my own group as well as joining ones that were already round, so I could have interactions with the places offering the groups so I could feel reassured about social distancing and covid measures.

So I managed to set up a group session for 10 children with Park Palace Ponies. It's a 2 hour session once a week costing £15.

Today, Marley (and me!) got to learn all about the body parts of a pony and how they are looked after day to day followed by a 1 hour riding lesson 🐴

We had a meltdown before going as he had convinced himself he definitely didn't want to do it despite being really enthusiastic prior to the day. I think anxiety just set in about doing something new and interacting with new kids (something he has never been good at). But we got there and he really, really enjoyed it and kept talking enthusiastically about it all the way home and then enthusiastically told his Dad and big brother all about it.

He didn't really chat to any of the other kids, but did manage an hello and goodbye which is a big deal for him.

He is looking forward to next week's lesson!

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