Tuesday 11 September 2012

WIN: Box Chocolate Truffles 11/09/2012

I won a box of chocolate truffles from @AnythinButPlain on Twitter on 11th September 2012. I received them on 15th September 2012.

These were really delicious! I loved the dark chocolate ones! The milk chocolate ones were a bit exotic & tangy, and I can't figure out what they were! I shared with hubby and son and they couldn't figure it out either... What were they??


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed them, I randomised the contents, they are dark chocolate with a sea salted muscovado centre and milk chocolate with key lime & fresh lime zest.

    1. They were absolutely delicious, we really enjoyed them! And now we know the flavour too! None of us guessed the flavours though :D Thanks again x