Sunday 7 October 2012

REVIEW: Cadbury Crispello

I had the pleasure of being sent some of the new Cadbury Crispello chocolate bars to review...

I got 6 yummy bars to review!
Crispello are delicious smooth soft milk chocolate in the centre, delicious crispiness (wafer) on top of that and a delightful milk chocolate coating, needless to say, I very much enjoyed them! You get 3 big pieces in a packet...

You get 3 of these in a packet - yum!
They are very tasty, the chocolate filling is smooth and silky, the wafer adds a satisfying crunch and the milk chocolate on the outside is as delicious as you will have come to expect from Cadbury's milk chocolate.

These are maybe more satisfying a snack than a standard bar of chocolate as they are more filling, so they make a perfect snack to keep you going.

My husband, Paul had some and he thought they were really nice too. Our son, David, also tried some and he loved it and said he wished I'd got 100 bars to review so he could eat them all the time!

The overall verdict is that we all really loved these and we will definitely be buying them when we spot them in the shops!

Cadbury Crispello has an RRP of 50p for a three piece bar and will be available in all major retailers and independent stores from the 8th October.


  1. These look yummy, I'll have to keep an eye out for them at our local shop (I do online shopping to cut down these sort of purchases!!).

  2. Ooooh I'll keep an eye out for them! Sound nice! xoxo

  3. Not seem these new bars anywhere but will look for them, any excuse to buy chocolate! They do look delicious like the idea of soft chocolate in the middle.

  4. I'm waiting for a freebie from Cadbury's, they do sound nice and I love my Cadbury's chocolate.

  5. Mmm they look delicious! I'm waiting for mine to arrive from cadburys :D can't wait to try them xx

  6. I so need to try this as they sound lush!

  7. Oo these look good! I will be looking out for these in the shops - will be just right to treat my 2 little ones and one square left for me! 50 p seems a good price too.

  8. Cadburys is my favorite chocolate brand and i have never seen thses before i really want to try them :)