Wednesday 10 October 2012

WIN: Stephen Wiltshire 2013 Calendar 08/10/2012

I won a 2013 Stephen Wiltshire Calendar from @StWiltshire on Twitter on 8th October 2012. I received it on 10th October 2012.

I really love this calendar and it is going to get pride of place on my living room wall in 2013! I love what I would define as 'real' art - i.e. art where you can look at it and know what it is, rather than the new age rubbish you see about a lot now that looks like a child splashed paint everywhere! I love the fantastic, intricately detailed drawings by Stephen Wiltshire. Thank you so much x


  1. Love Stephen Wiltshire's work, especially as my youngest has ASD, he inspires many & you're very lucky with the calendar. His work is truly amazing xx

  2. I like that! Reminds me of when we went London for my mums 60th - that was practically our view from the hotel! xoxo