Monday 8 October 2012

WIN: £25 Amazon Voucher 08/10/2012

I won a £25 Amazon voucher from Car Rentals UK on Facebook on 8th October 2012. I received the voucher by e-mail same day!

I was initially going to buy a couple of seasons of my favourite TV programme of all time (for those not paying attention, it is 'The X-Files') on DVD, but as Halloween is impending and were having our first Halloween party (for the kids early evening and for the adults at night), then I am most likely going to use it for a Hallowe'en (that's how it's really spelt you know!) costume. Now, just to decide between a Witch, Dead Riding Hood or a Vampiress - what do you think? Hubby is going to be a vampire and son can't decide on a vampire or an alien!


  1. Well done hun! All go as a family of vampires! xoxo

  2. i am going as an alive red riding hood for my daughters 18th , a dead one sounds cool

  3. Dead Riding Hood sounds interesting x