Thursday 23 October 2014

REVIEW: Pocket Money Cookery (DXB)

On the first 3 pages of the book it gives you an introduction to it and talks about CeCi who works with Oober Kids Republic, a childrens nutritional therapist and gives a full introduction to the book over all.

On the contents page it has the number of the page I talked about before and two others:
  • Be Safe When Cooking! 6
  •  Are You Cheating? 9
Now the recipes:
  • Pizza Beef 10
  • The Embarrassed Queen Frittata 14
  • Winter Mud Dessert 18
  • Explosive Volcano Eggs 20
  • Dawn Scrambled Eggs 24
  • Fresh Tomato Spaghetti 28 
  • Broken French Dinner 32
  • Mozzarella On A Scooter 36
  •   Snowstorm Veal 40
  • Mini Chocolate Hedgehog 44

    • Your Own Oober Recipes 
On the next page it tells you how to defrost chicken or beef, what to do if you cut yourself, to remove nail varnish, take of jewellery and to get an adult to help you clean the equipment you used to make your chosen recipe with.
Then the next page tells you how to stay safe when you are cooking and tells you the do's and don'ts when cooking.

I made the Broken French Dinner and I found the instructions very clear and easy to follow which is good considering that this was my first time making recipes without much help.

First I had to peel the potatoes then put them in a pan to boil.

Whilst they were boiling I did all the other preparing I needed to do and then once the potatoes were soft I mashed them along with all the other ingredients and then put the whole mixture in the oven dish I made a vegetarian version for my dad and a meat version for me and my mum.

Then came the time to see what it what it was like...
I served it onto my three plates and gave it to my mum and dad.
My mum said she liked it very much and so did my dad so I'm very pleased with myself.

Now for dessert I made the Winter Mud Dessert.

It didn't take much to make and I made it on my own because it seemed easy enough and I wanted to give myself a challenge.

I personally didn't like it and neither did my mum but my dad did especially seen as though he loves cinnamon and ginger nut biscuits which are two ingredients in this recipe.

Altogether I thought this book was fabulous.

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