Friday 24 October 2014

REVIEW: Rant & Rave (DXB)

Rant & Rave 

I like the rant & rave book because it lets me express what things I like about school and what things I really don't like which I find very good.

Rave Side:

There is a bit where you can fill out your name, what you like to be called, your school, your age, what year your in and who your teacher is. Then there is a space for a rave photo which I assume is either for you to stick a photo of you or what makes you happy though I'm not sure which?
Next you have a section where you can write about your average school day it lets you fill in what time you wake up, what I like for breakfast, what time you leave for school, what time I get home from school and what time I go to bed.

Now the next part of the book (still on the rave side) there is a section where you can write and doodle about your journey to and from school so you could draw a little diagram of the route you take and maybe write where you go and maybe whether you have found and any shortcuts to get there quicker.

Then the rest is mainly about friends where you can rave about who your  favourite friend is, about your teachers and subjects write about your uniform where you could also doodle a picture of it, about the people who are in you class, what you do when you leave school what your greatest achievements are, sports you enjoy, about your school lunches, what you think you will be doing in 20 years and that's only some of the things included in the rave side.

Rant Side:

In this side there is also a place where you can write information about yourself this includes a space to put your eye colour, your hair colour, your height, your shoe size, your home, your town and your country and like I said with the rave side there a space that says rant photo and I'm not sure whether you put a picture of yourself or what makes you angry.

In the next section you can rant about the worst bits of your school week, about school routines you don't really like, people who don't behave well, things you spend a lot of time on that you think are pointless.

The rest of the book is where you draw and rant about annoying people,
things that make you bored what you have to wear to school, your teachers and subjects, school rules, things at school that could improve, how you like to chill, things you'd like to try and your perfect classroom and again this are only some of the great thing you can do in this book.

Overall I would say this book is certainly worth buying especially if you like to draw and write. I think that this book was good for my age (12) and would also be suitable for 8 year olds upwards and you don't have to write it all out in one day you could just write a page at a time giving you something to do every day.

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