Wednesday 22 October 2014

REVIEW: Festive Glass Painting Pack (DXB)

I was sent a Festive Glass Painting Pack and I thought it was really fun.
In the pack there were 12 transparent hanging baubles, 6 Christmas snow globe suncatchers, 5 Christmas suncatcher keyrings, 6 Christmas wiggle-eye stained glass decorations, 6 suncatcher photo frames and 6 HobbyLine glass pens.

Basically all you did was get a glass pen any colour of your choice and colour it in and the best thing was you could make it as original as you wanted.

I thing it's worth buying considering how much stuff you get in it and it gives you something to do if your bored.
I personally thought this was easy to do and make some fabulous decorations for around the home.

Here is me colouring in a penguin suncatcher keyring.

I like how the glass painting kit was easy to colour in you only had to go over it once aswell which makes sure you have enough for the other things. The one thing I didn't like was that there were parts you couldn't get to to colour them in.

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