Monday 27 August 2018

FAMILY: Cinema - Luis And The Aliens (YB)

We decided to have a trip to the cinema today - we've only taken Marley once before, his first ever film was over a year ago - Cars 3 (funnily enough, the very first film at the cinema I saw with David when he was little was the first Cars film!) - but he got very fidgety and unsettled half way through that one, but as he was older now, we thought wed have another try, so we went to see Luis And The Aliens - he managed to sit through it all and be relatively quiet, so quite an achievement! He really seemed to enjoy the film.

The film was about a boy called Luis, whose Mother had died and whose Father is a UFOlogist and spends more time searching for aliens than paying attention to him. His Father claims to have seen a bad alien when he was younger, but no-one believes him which has led him to a lifelong hunt for aliens and wanting to prove they are real.

A bunch of aliens spot a telly shopping Earth advert and really want to buy something, so they come to Earth and Luis encounters them, but he is afraid his Dad will want to hurt them even though they are silly and friendly.

His headteacher and an interfering child inspector want to take Luis away from his Father as they feel he is being neglected, so he gets the aliens to pose as his Father and the housekeepers in their neighbours' rather posh house. But they catch on to what is happening and end up meeting his actual Father.

Luis decides he wants to leave Earth with his new alien friends so the bad people won't take him away to the children's home. But the nasty women from the home turns out to be the nasty alien that once chased after his Father and the ice cream man (who is a good alien who has been hunting her down as she steals lonely children's tears as they are valuable on her planet) helps Luis, his Father, the headteacher and the other friendly aliens capture the bad alien.

Then Luis's Father spends lots of time with him because he realises how lonely he was.

Sorry for the spoilers!

Marley got a free Luis And The Aliens pencil case (so did David, but he seemed decidedly unimpressed that Paul had even got one for him!) for the opening weekend booking.

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