Sunday 26 August 2018

FAMILY: National Football Museum, KICKair & Bee Hunting In Manchester (YB)

We had a day out in Manchester on Thursday and we had an amazing time!

First of all, we visited the National Football Museum. Being footy mad, there was no way I was going to miss out on visiting the National Football Museum! Best of all, entry was free!

We had a look at the trophies, shirts, memoribilia and read about the history of football.

Marley got an LFC badge made too which he loves!

We played on some old penny arcade machines (you could exchange modern day money for some old pennies to play with) and more modern table football.

One of the highlights for me was all the Liverpool stuff, as you all know by now, I'm a HUGE lifelong fan...

 I even got a like on Instagram from the man himself Ian Rush!

Then we went to KICKair (I was invited along as a blogger for their 1st birthday celebrations) and after watching the safety video, headed off to the trampolines. Marley had a little go, but didn't make the most of it like we thought he would. David enjoyed it though.

David and Paul then went to do the Jump Tower, and I took Marley along to watch them. Paul enjoyed it, David was a little reluctant, but enjoyed it once he tried it!


After that, David and Paul went to have a go at the Wipe Out. Again, I took Marley along to watch them. They both enjoyed this and it was funny as spectators watching them repeatedly fail as it sped up and altered direction!

Then Paul and David went to try out the trampoline basketball, so me and Marley went along with them to watch there too. Neither of them were very good at it, but had lots of fun.

Then Paul and David had a go at the freestyle and I watched with Marley again. They were both pretty rubbish at this one!

Next, I had a go on the Battle Beam against David while Paul and Marley watched. David wasn't very good at it! Then Paul had a go against David while me and Marley watched. I enjoyed this a lot!

Then Paul and David had a go at the Slackline and Rolling Log - they both were terrible at it, but had fun trying! 

Then Marley and David went back to the trampolines for another go.

Then I had a go at Speed Goal with David. It was lots of fun, but it didn't half make my foot hurt, all the kicking with no shoes on!

Finally, I had a go at the WallJam with David which was fun, but again hard work on our feet!

While me and David were doing the football games, Paul took Marley to the soft play area. Marley absolutely loved this and didn't ever want to leave! He had so much fun!

Then we used our vouchers - Marley went for a tub of bubblegum flavour ice cream, but me, Paul and David got a Tango Ice Blast drink.

Marley then played for even longer on the soft play. He really enjoyed this best of all.

We then took Marley to get his face painted - the face painter was there as part of their birthday celebrations. Unfortunately, we left it a bit late and she was almost going home so she only did a small Spiderman pattern, but he was happy anyway!

Then Marley wanted to play on the soft play for even longer! We eventually had to tell him they were closing to convince him to leave!

Finally, we went hunting down the bees around Manchester (well, we found a few when we first got to Manchester too and between places) as we thought this would be fun. We found quite a few really, but there were a lot of them we didn't find, so David and Marley want us to go back again soon to find the rest! Here are some photo's...

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