Tuesday 7 August 2018

GAMING: My Favourite Mobile Games #1 (YB)

Something new I thought I'd start blogging about is my favourite games. Starting with my favourite games I play on my mobile phone. I spend a lot of time playing games, so it felt right to blog about them.

The game I've been playing most often is called The Walking Dead: Road To Survival. I've been playing for over a year and run my own faction in the game called Extraterrestrials (feel free to apply to join if you're a regular player and we have an open space!).

If you're a fan of just the TV programme, be warned, the characters are not from the TV show and are instead from the comics, though you will find some familiar characters like Rick, Michonne, Ezekiel, Abraham, Maggie, Dwight, Tyreese, Lori, Siddiq, Carl, Glenn, The Governor and Negan to name but a few.

For those of you who are fans of the comics and/or Telltale series of games, maybe more familiar to you would be Javier, Clementine, Kenny, Tripp and Lee to name just a small amount.

You can battle in the World Map or Roadmap. Every day you can take part in the Survival Road, but be careful, if you don't complete a stage within 7 days, you drop back a stage.

There are regular solo events - Level Up, Raids and Tournament Road (a special edition Survival Road).

If you are part of a faction, you can take part in faction events - Level Up, Raids, Tournament Road, All Out War, Cross Region War, Faction Assault and the ongoing Territories.

You get various characters - 1*, 2*, 3*, 4* and 5*, but there are also some ascendable 5* characters that you can use ascendance medals to turn into 6* characters that have special active skills. Some characters (any * rating) have a specialist skill or leader skill.

There also combat mods that you can add to your characters to give them additional powers/resists.

The game is very good, very enjoyable, but sometimes the greed of the creators, Scopely, ruin the game a little, when they make it near impossible to progress in the game without spending a fortune! Myself and my faction are free (or nearly free) players and we just work our arses off to do well and help each other out to make our teams the best we can and get rewards from faction events. They have been a bit more generous recently, but there is still a lot of pressure to buy, buy, buy.

Anyway, if you're a fan of The Walking Dead and you've not yet played this game, you should give it a go! If you need any help, just drop a comment below or send me a message in the game - my name in the game is {ET} Yvonne.

There are various servers, so if you join and want to message me in game or join my faction, make sure you go in the game settings and change to the Ben Hill region.

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