Sunday 19 August 2018

FAMILY: Meeting Marshall (YB)

I'd heard that St John's Shopping Centre here in Liverpool were having a meet & greet with Marshall from Paw Patrol today, so I knew Marley would love to go and meet him as he is Paw Patrol mad!

Me and Paul took him along. Tickets were available from 9.30am. We actually got there about 9am couldn't see any sign of where to get the tickets from. We had a walk around and couldn't figure it out either, so we just kept walking around until we eventually found where they were being given out and where it would be held. We got a ticket for 11am.

So we went to Dunkin' Donuts for a doughnut & coffee (hot chocolate for Marley) to pass the time as it was only around 10am at this point.

Afterwards, we went to queue to see Marshall. Marley was really excited. Thorntons is right next door to where they were having the meet & greet and they gave all the kids a little bag of smiles too, which was a bonus. He went in and gave Marshal a hug and a high five. He was so made up. Now he hopes Rocky, Zuma and Chase will visit too!

We took some photo's then went to get a bit of shopping before dropping off the shopping at home and heading off to McDonald's for dinner. Marley has totally gone off fries/chips, so he got fruit, but he didn't eat that either, so he ended up just eating his nuggets!

After this, we carried on to Otterspool Park and Promenade for the rest of the day as it was actually a fairly nice day.

We had a walk around, run around, look around - Marley just loves being outdoors! We had a really busy day, and Marley had a fantastic time and we were all totally shattered by the time we were heading home!

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