Tuesday 12 May 2009

Are They Real?

Today, I am going to give opinions on several beings:

OK, do vampires exist? Well, why wouldn't they? I know it sounds surreal, but why is it so unfeasable that there could be no such thing? For example, people are born with medical conditions - couldn't a vampire just be someone who was born with a medical condition that makes they need to live off blood? Of course, this would not pose any possible connections to the whole biting people and turning them, or the only being killed by a stake, or the sleeping in a coffin, being allergic to sunlight and the Cross or the whole having eternal life - but these could be totally mythological things thought up in times long ago by people that didn't really understand differences caused by medical conditions and therefore saw such a "freak of nature" as being something more than it actually was... And we all know legends often live on...

Of course, on the other hand, vampires could simply be being from another plain of existence (though not necessarily evil ones). It could genuinely be that if you are bitten by one, death by exsanguination occurs or you are turned into one if the vampire deems you worthy enough. They could live forever by feeding from other peoples blood. A stake through the heart may well kill them. They may be evil (though evil could only be retrospectively as I'm sure to them, they would just be being themselves - much like a vegan/vegetarian calling a meat-eater evil) and therefore can be burnt by a Cross or unable to enter a holy building such as a Church. They may sleep in a coffin and only come out at night because they are allergic to sunlight.

One question that I would have to ask, however, is if there are vampires as described in the second part of my investigation above, why are they not top of the food chain?

OK, my next subject is extraterrestrials (aliens). In my opinion, how any could believe that we are all alone in this vast universe, is beyond me. If you believe that in this universe, this galaxy, this dimension, we are the only beings, you are sadly mistaken and living in a paranoid dream world.

I'm pretty sure they're not all grey or green with large bulging eyes and a small, skinny stature, as they are often depicted - instead, it is quite likely that some of them could even look similar to us if they came from a similar planet such as the quite recently discovered Gliese 5.

Well, ghosts are one thing I'm 50/50 on for definite. I don't see why there couldn't be such things as ghosts - most likely beings that are somehow attached to the physical plain for one reason or another and in need of being helped to get to their final destination.

There are a few odd things though - such as why would you be able to see one only if you are open-minded or a small child (small children, of course, do not understand things the same as adults and as such, are open to everything)? Why wouldn't everyone be able to see them? That's a bit of an odd one in my opinion. And how come sometimes they can be captured on video/camera and other times not? And, why do people claim to feel cold around a spirit? And, why are some ghosts evil (poltergeists)? Could it be they were evil in life? Or has something happened to turn them evil? All maybe all spirits (ghosts) are the same and have no good nor evil feats and simply are.

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  1. I wonder if we will ever find out for definite

  2. Vampires - I know there are some people that think they are vampires and drink blood, and I never thought about the medical condition theory that you mentioned above.

    Extraterrestrials - I don't know why people are so big headed to think that we are the only beings in the universe, there must be other occupied planets probably with life more intelligent than us!

    Ghosts - I'm really not sure, I think well after someone dies how do they become a ghost but also I think well why not? Like you say how come small children with no idea about such things see them? Plus some peoples stories just sound so believeable.